Brian and Claire's New Zealand Trip 2005 travel blog

Some of our students in Auckland airport

Mum, (Dr Griffiths) Laura, (RA) Susan (other teacher) and Errol Costelo (from...

Claire on the overlook of Lyttleton Harbor

Brian on the lookout over Christchurch city and the Canterbury plains

"Sign of the Kiwi" teahouse in Christchurch

On the plane we could barely sleep. We were traveling at an altitude of 11600 meters. The ground speed was 907 Kilometers per hour. When we arrived we met our old friends Robin Kelso, Errol Costello, and Neal Gow. We got on Robin's coach with the 25 students and began the ride to Christchurch and Lincoln University.

When we got to Lincoln, we gave out keys to apartments and went out on a tour of Christchurch and shopping - for all the stuff the students forgot to bring!.

Later there was a scavenger hunt. The students had to walk around the Lincoln University Campus and answer questions in groups of about 3-6 people. There was a different question for just about every different place on campus. There was a prize for the team who got the most answers right.

Suprisingly, it was not the first team back that got the prize. The way the prize was chosen was very simple. My mom said that," There is not too much milk in New Zealand and the students that came in the past, said that the food they missed most from America (that is very rare in New Zealand) was OREOS".So the winning team got two bags of OREOS and 1 quart of milk!

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