Kirsty RTW '04/'05 travel blog

Me, Wilson and Michael, last week togther

We all blowing kisses!!

All together, Jefferson running to catch the camera!!

The Chattos looking pretty cool!

Juan Carlos is back, yippee!!

The kids from Santa Rosa waiting on their presents

No sure if he likes it or not!

Heres one who is happy!

Marie Ester and Charly at opposite ends, directora on my right

Seemed to like my glasses more!

Preparing dinner, blood everywhere!


Oor Gales tucking into lunch

Us wit da coolest nun I eva met!

Sam n Hermana Maria, told u she is cool!

Jose Luis proud as anything!!

Got the biggest kiss n cuddle of ma wee Jose Daniel!!

Jefferson lovin hos new towel!

lookin cute!

Luz with her 3rd grade boys, n Fernando looking happy

Theres a big chicken foot on ma spoon!!!

Christian, Abel, Freddy, n Luis(?) wit their auxiliary at lunch

Last day blues!!

Nicole, Gabi, Roxanna,Katherine washing plates

Me n ma wee hunny

The swimming pool, David jumping in!

Me in the middle of the pool, surrounded!!

The boys goin wild in the pool!

Me n David in the easy to drown end!

Drowning the kids!

Erick showing off!

Last minutes in the pool, Puericultorio Perez Araníbar

Suburbs of Lima

Another street scene

unreliable Lima taxi!

Well this week was even busier than ever , if that is possible. A mad rush was on to find the 3-5 year olds vacaciones utiles(summer school), using the money that I had left over. It took a whole 3 days of seearching when by accident(or guided by the hand of god) we arrived at an Evangelical college, where the boss agreed to drop his prices by 75% to let the 88 kids go to summer school 5 days a week, where they would learn to swim, use computers, art, football, karate..... The problem being that these kids are in the danger of becoming institutionilised as a lot of them never leave the Puericultorio, they dont know how to interact with other kids, they generally have a lot less self esteem and confidence than other kids, so this is a way of interacting from an early age. Its a great scheme. And the boss of Buenas Notas has agreed to look into schemes for older kids as well, to learn a trade there as well, it was such good fortune, somebody was looking after the kids!

Money was then spent getting the kids ready for their summer school, they had to look the part as well, so wee hats, character beach towels, soap dishes n soap were all bought and packed into cute wee rucksacks and then the presentation ceremony!

All the kids from Marie Esters section were brought first, they were all awffy shy, even she wasnt really spekaing to me, maybe to do with the fact that they are outwith their safety zone and are a bit more reserved.

They all loved their stuff, some of them taken aback and didnt really know how to react, but all the same, when they were all together it was the cutest picture!!

The giving out ceremony was interspersed by a pre arranged invitation to Hermana Marias house for lunch. She was waiting at 245 Los Manzanos for us, it was the funniest sight, us all piling up in a taxi to see a nun in her whites waiting ootside ma hoose in San Isidro!

So off we went in a taxi with her and AnaLuz(she stays in Puericultorio, studies outside, has family probs) to her mums house where we met her mum, brothers sisters, and didnt meet the hundred kids that were hiding in the bedroom. The lunch was amazing, loads of it tho! Her brother shocked us by telling us that he was in fact 39 years old, coulda passed for 23!!! I asked him if he was studying!

The coolest bit of the day was when Sam asked her to give him a fist like he does his mates, she did and its the coolest pic!!

Back to get the kids of the kids kitted out, this time it was the turn of Juan Carlos, Jefferson, Jose Luis, Jose Daniel etc, they were really pleased esp when they saw Bob Esponja, Hombre Araña, Piolin(10 points if you know who they are!).

The wee twins Katherine and Stephanie who are usually with us at Encuentro de Hermanos had returned back after christmas and made a bee line for me, they were so pleased to see me. These are the 2 girls who live in a world of domestic violence and that is why they are there with us to try to prove that adults can have fun together not jus fight. I also found out this week, that Thalia, from 4B, is there because she grew up in a house where mum and dad were serious drug addicts, she was removed from the house and now is looked after by the puericultorio and her grandad.

The more stories you hear about the kids, its so sad!

On another note was the slaughter of about 15 rabbits for the kids dinner, in full view, with loads of blood everywhere, it was the most disgusting thing!

Nature!! The kids loved it tho, apparently.....

Last day had hoped to be a giant paseo with all the kids from Puericultorio, but there was too much organising it and not enuff time, even for little miss organiser herself!

We compromised and bought the kids loads of goodies then went to recently(a few hours ) opened swimming pool in boys end. It was amazing, a beautiful pool on a cliff edge, couldnae believe we were still in the Puericultorio.

The boys all went mad, me and Rachel decided we were goin in anyway, so jumped in fully clothed(I had got Sam flung in after he flung Rachel in in the morning!)..... It was great, tho a really dangerous pool, when was it ever not gonna be!! Were in Peru man!!

The deep end fell off sharply, didnae help when about 10 boys were trying to drown me every time I got there!!

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