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Mural on wall near Klockenspiel

View from the walk on the windmill

The Wyatt Earp house

Vermeer grist mill

Southern Hollanders

Information center in Pella

One of the flower beds

Today we went to Pella, Iowa, which is 16 miles from here. It is the town where Pella windows are made. But, it also is a Dutch town that was created in the 1850's by three ship loads of immigrants from Holland, who when they got here, bought 18000 acres at $1.25 per acre and built a town. Of course there is a historical part that is preserved, but the whole down town is a lovely place. The Vermeer windmill was built in Holland and then brought over here and set up, and is an operating grist mill that makes flour. We took a tour of it, including going up to the walk, 40 feet off the ground, where the miller makes all the sail adjustments on the blades and turns the top when required by wind changes.The sails are each 40 feet long, making a diameter of a little over 80 feet for the four sails. It was actually turning today with a light breeze blowing. After the guided tour of the windmill we then took a self guided tour thru the historical village that is adjacent to it. All old buildings, some we could go in. There was a great display of Delft pottery in one, which is lovely blue and white dishes.

We were there for at least 4 hours and could have spent more time. Oh, by the way, when we pulled into town and went to the info center, there was a large crowd of people on the other side of the street, around a distinguished looking couple, with TV cameras and boom mikes. Turns out it was Mitt Romney and his wife, doing a little campaigning for the Iowas caucuses.

And we just can't seem to get away from Wyatt Earp. He lived in one of the houses in the historical village, from the time he was 2 years old till he was 14, when his father took a job as a wagon master on a wagon train going to California.There were pretty flower beds everywhere, even tho tulip time had passed. We had an excellent lunch at a restaurant on the main street. It was a very enjoyable visit and educational as well. Most of the places we go, turn out that way.

I aired up all the tires on both vehicles tonight, since the weather here is a little cooler they were down a little. We will get up early again tomorrow morning and drive to Tea, South Dakota, the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

PS The rest of the photos would not uploac tonight..I'll try to catch up tomorrow

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