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Near the headwaters of the Colorado River

Colorado River near it's headwaters

Colorado River

One of the trails I walked

Another trail

A mother moose in the Colorado River

Same moose

Colorado River

Coyote Valley trail

Another beautiful "Rocky Mountain High". At an elevation of about 8200' Asplenglen is in the high country, and it is definitely cooler up here. While Denver has been baking in the 90's, I've yet to even think about my A/C. This morning was sunny, in the low 70's with a slight breeze. It just couldn't get much better than this!

Yesterday was an equally beautiful day and I spent most of it on the Trail Ridge Road west of the continental divide. It's quite different on this side of the divide, as it gets a lot more rain than east of the divide, and it shows that in how much greener it is. I did some walking on two different trails and took pictures along the way. You could walk for days on these and other trails and not begin to see it all.

Estes Park Library has an outstanding computer area. They have devoted most of the second floor to computers and have very comfortable chairs with attached computer stands, available power plugs, and of course free WiFi. Very pleasant environment.

For two years or more I've been following Tioga George at http://www.vagabonders-supreme.net/. He boondocks almost exclusively and he has been very influential in my decision to move forward in this lifestyle, as well as my interest in boondocking. Several days ago I was at my rig in Aspenglen and in his web-site. I found that he was in Rocky Mountain National Park also, and his last post stated that he was camping at Aspenglen campground, site #38. Well I'm at site #40. I turned around and looked out my window and there he way. I went right over and introduced myself and over the course of the next two days we had numerous interesting conversations about all kinds of things. Very interesting and knowledgeable guy. His web-site is huge and he has a very large devoted following. During one of our conversations another of George's fans showed up by the name of Brian Gore. I soon found out that he is the author of another web-site devoted to boondocking that I've been following for some time. He joined the conversation which continued for several more hours. His web-site is http://www.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com. He's a retired cowboy and a very funny interesting guy. A little later two more of George's fans, Wayne and Pat, showed up and joined the conversation. I think that I'm going to love this new lifestyle!

The Old Fall River Road is supposed to open today or tomorrow, and if it does I plan to drive it and take pictures along the way. It is the original Trail Ridge Road and is roughly parallel to the current Trail Ridge Road, but is one way only, and is much more twisty and rugged. I've been on it before, but it is definitely worth doing again.

Enough for now.


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