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Aspenglen Campground and Fall River

Fall River next to campground

Looking at the meadow from my rig


Aspenglen campground



Neighbors Gary, Libbie and Tioga George

The meadow


What an amazing campground. I'm camped on the edge of a huge meadow bounded by Fall River shown in my most recent post. The ranger tells me that they have very recently seen a mother black bear and 2 cubs in this very meadow as well as elk and deer. When sitting under my awning all that I can see is this beautiful meadow, no other campers, and of course they can't see me either. I've signed up for 7 days at this site and would stay here much longer if I could. Before I started this adventure I had in my mind a picture of the ideal campsite and this comes real close to that picture. I'm so pleased that I can get this big rig that I drive in a place like this and hopefully there will be many others like this around the country. I would rather stay in National Parks or Forests than any private campground even though I am dry camping with no hookups.

I am amazed that I have an internet connection in this remote location and it has been somewhat intermitent, so I think that I'll sign off before it crashes on me. It is very slow, probably too slow to download pictures, but I'll try tomorrow to post pictures of where I'm camping and the big meadow. Maybe I'll get real lucky and get some pictures of the bear with her cubs.

P.S. Only 2 of 10 pictures got thru due to the slow and weak internet connection out here in the Boonies. I'll try to send the rest from the Estes Park Library soon.

P.S. All 10 pictures now on board from the Estes Park Library

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