The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

If it's Tuesday, it must be we are in Amsterdam...This morning we left Brussels and caught the train to Amsterdam......well we almost missed the train to Amsterdam....we were waiting at platform 18 where we were told the train was leaving from but as our departure time drew nearer we noticed that there were not very many people waiting for the train and shortly thereafter a train steward came over and told us that we had to hurry because the train had been moved to platform 4 and so Barb and I and a couple of others had to run with our backpacks to the new departure platform which was not very much fun......we boarded our train for Amsterdam and arrived at about 2:30 PM...... it's mind boggling how you can leave one country in the morning and three hours later be in another in the afternoon, complete with a new language to be confused by.....we arranged a place to stay thru the tourist info centre and then got directions to our place. We jumped on the Metro and got off at Waterlooplein and then walked five minutes to the Falcon Plaza where we are going to stay for three nights. After getting settled we wandered thru the streets in the area and got a feel for the place and had dinner at an Argentine Restaurant called Rancho III which specialized in Argentine beef. It seemed to be quite popular as there was a continuous stream of people coming in. The restaurant was across the street from a theatre where there was a grande opening and a throng of people waiting for someone famous to show up.....a waiter at the restaurant said they were waiting for John Travolta ......and then laughed.....he was only kidding...the line up was for the grande opening of Shrek III....

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