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I just don't have words to describe how beautiful and spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park is. I'll let my pictures do the talking for me, and I'm not even sure that they do it justice. I left early to beat the crowd and better lighting for photography, and drove Trail Ridge Road from Estes Park to the Alpine Visitor Center and back. What a drive! I've done this very drive several times before, but each time it just blows me away. I may have to check about the possibility of volunteering at this park some time down the road, or maybe even work camping at a private campground like the one I'm staying at now. That would also be conveniently close to Jeff and Linda.

Lots of different languages being spoken by the visitors that I encountered along the way. It seems that the whole world appreciates and visits our National Parks. They are jewels, and it is my plan to spend time in as many of them as I can arrange during the next several years. Yosemite is next on my list and I'll be spending time there during the month of September. I'll be hanging out in northern California for at least the month of September before I begin my trek south to warmer weather for the winter.

I found out today that the Moraine Park campground is reservations only. I had planned to just show up Monday morning and wait until a space was available, but the ranger at the campground says that I can't do that. He recommends that I call the reservation number Monday morning and see if any sites are available for my big rig. That's a little disappointing. I drove thru the campground earlier today and there was only one big rig in the place and it was bigger than mine. I remain hopeful because I really would like to spend some time there. I also found out that there is a 7 day maximum instead of the 14 days in most National Parks. I guess it is so much in demand that they are trying to spread it around.

It got down to 44 degrees last nite, but is up to 79 comfortable degrees right now. The temperature really drops off fast when the sun goes down. The heat pump kept me plenty warm.

Time to head back in the Park as it's only 3:00 which leaves me quite a bit of time before it gets dark.

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