Putters Travels 2007 travel blog

HW 101 N CA. coast

Camper Corral, Klamath, CA.

Narrow trail through Jedediah Smith Redwoods St Park

This is the way to the grove

I am actually holding this tree erect

Just sizing up the situation

Getting to the root of the situation

Potential headache

A beautiful patch of green

In the parking lot of the Trees of Mystery

We left Browns Valley today, headed for Klamath, Ca. We have reservations at Klamath's Camper Corral RV park righ on the Klamath River just south of Crescent City, Ca. Our plan is to stay for two night and spend one day visiting the redwood forest and attractions. The trip took us west across the valley from Marysville, over the cost range past Clear Lake and then north on HW 101. This route is somewhat tenuous driving a large motorhome with jeep in tow. Lots of highway construction along the way and constantly changing from 4 lanes to 2 with many curves and hills. I feel I earned my keep today. The weather change from the inland heat to the cool moist climate of the costal area was refreshing.

All's well with us to date (knock on wood) and everything is working fine. Fuel prices during our drive today averaged 3.15 a gallon. I'm sorry I didn't stop at the station at Clear Lake that was selling diesel for 2.95. That's the story of my life. Another annoyance is when you use your credit card at some self serve stations you are limited to a certain dollar amount. Usually 50 dollars. At 3+ dollars a gallon that's not much fuel for a tank that holds 175 gallons. Life's great when you're retired.

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