Kirsty RTW '04/'05 travel blog

Girls toilets next to the English lab

Where the girls wash plates and clothes

The cancha, the boys playing fields

Entrance to San Vicente, where Jefferson and Juan Carlos live

The nursery, where Marie Ester spends her days

The green door is the entrance to the English Lab

Me, Sally, Sharon, Rachel(wearing yellow 4 luck) n Sam

New years night gathering

Pals together for the last time this trip

Well Friday night started at 630pm with a mad rush out the door to get to Rachels, then another rush to get to where the bus was gonna pick us up to take us to the beach party which we had paid S70 which inc all transport, entrance and drink!

Joined a massive queue and waited......and waited. Picked up some cheap new year tat, all yellow as that is the lucky colour for new year here. 2005 glasses which I broke within minutes, a luvly yellow plastic garland, looked pretty classy!! All the cool people didn't seem to be buying them....?!?

Eventually the guys we were going with decided enuff was enuff and that we would go in taxis, S120 for the hour-ish long journey to Km101 of the Panamericana highway. 6 of us in 1 meant Sally and I were to sit in the back of the taxi, all seemed great until we kept seeing car crashes all the way down the road!

Glad when we arrived in the middle of nowhere in one piece!

Couldnae believe how many people were there!

Headed down to get in the queue, doors shut at 1030pm on Hogmanay, dinnae complain aboot BTW ever again! Eventually a bit of people power managed to get us shoved past the bouncers and in. It was a race to the bar, little did we realize Peruvians take free drink seriously, none of this shots stuff, within 10mins, Manolo had came back with 8 bottles of finest Scotch whiskey, 1 Bottle Rum and 1 of Vodka, and loadsa big bottles of beer! It was like supermarket sweep, get in, get as much as you possibly can, then enjoy the party drinkin straight rum whiskey and vodka and warm beer!

Small problem was there was no mixers , affected me more than mot, little miss fussy, still searchin for southern comfort here in Peru yet(in fact South America come to think of it!)

The bells were celebrated wit fireworks, then it was back to the drinkin game!

Peruvians managed to spice up the party by starting a fire on the beach later on using all the tables and plastic chairs as fuel!! The fire was huge, the black cloud was huger! Everyone just went mad, throwing whatever they could find into the fire! Yup, Peruvian know how to have a good time, one might have expected the authorities to get involved or at least the party organizers, oh no, the music went off in recognition (we think) for about 5mins then party bak on as if there was no fire, no huge black cloud drifting for miles!!

By this time all the barriers had been fed to the fire so it was an open party, sure there must have been about 10000 people there!

Got taught how to salsa, actually thought I was managing all right! Andy, get yer dancing shoes on!

About 430 me n Sharon gave up the fight to stay awake and headed oot for a taxi, by luck a bus was sitting there, waitin to go at 5am, cost S5 each, happy days so we jumped on fell as soon as we sat down , woke about an hour later disappointed to find we still on the road somewhere, got home eventually about 7am, collapsed into bed, didnae even hear sally coming in at 9am!

New years day passed fairly quietly, then it was a wee farewell night at Julie and Sandras, few bottles of wine and snacks then some of us went home, oor Sally n Sam were oot till 7am, just in time for her to come in finish packing and go to the airport for her flight to Ecuador, the end of her Peruvian adventure.

Sunday was spent responsibly, watching Kill Bill with the kids, evidently 7 and 8 year old Peruvian girls are allowed to watch these kinda films, maybe, oopss!!!!

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