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Streets of the old town

Toledo Cathedral

Heavy Burden


The only real use for a 5 Euro umbrella!

View of the old town

Medieval Run

Finished another scenic run

Toledo Walls

The "Artsy" Shot

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Toledo Cathedral

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Toledo Cathedral - Transparente (Baroque altarpiece)

Always wondered where the saying ¨Holy Toledo¨ came from and now we suspect it is because Toledo has one of the largest Cathedrals in the world as well as a huge number of other churches. While researching our trip it sounded like Toledo was a must see destination in central Madrid so we included it on our itinerary. By the time we were on our way there, we were a bit jaded about seeing medieval cities, cathedrals, museums etc but Toledo proved to be well worth the trip. It is a really cool walled town and what makes it unique compared to some of the other really cool walled towns we have seen is that is appears to be a ¨real¨ city with people other than those servicing the tourist industry living in it. We enjoyed roaming through the streets and the cathedral is very impressive (even after seeing the Vatican). Unfortunately the weather turned on us and it rained alot but we still managed to get a feel for the place and also got in a really nice run along the river that gave us great views of the city.

We're in Madrid now and will be home on Thursday so will complete our entries and add some photos when we get home (this internet cafe is really smoky, got to get out of here!). We've really enjoyed our trip but are definitely ready to head home now!

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