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on our way to the cinema

Centenial park at sunset

Pete, Em & Silvana getting ready for the movie

bit of a blurred shot of the outdoor cinema (please note no...

yes we had food at the cinema!

One thing about Sydney is there is always something to do! Current list of things that i need to witness by the time we leave Sydney are a) Lord of the Rings exhibition (Emma has promised me that Orlando Bloom will be there waiting on bended knee to marry me) b) Taronga Zoo ( i NEED to see a kangaroo!) c) Dolphin watching at Hervey Bay d) Wine tasting tour of the Hunter Valley (dont really need to explain my reasons behind that one do i?) and d) Watch a film under the stars.

Well i thought we had d) pretty much sewn up as they operate this 'moonlight cinema' thing over here during summer. Has anyone seen 'The Wedding Planner'? with jennifer lopez? well i had visions from that of sitting on a tree with blankets wrapped around us with a picnic on our laps whilst we watched a film underneath the blanket of moonlight (unfortunately no Matthew McConaughay to share the tree with but hey i can deal with that). So on Boxing day we decided to go see 'Shrek 2' as a nice way to round off Xmas.

Firstly we're not that good with buses so we phoned the traveline and decided to enlist the help of an expert - armed with the knowledge that we're on the right bus we head off for 'centenial park'. On arrival at centenial park we realise that the park is actually 'bloody big' and we are on the wrong side of it, silly traveline lady wasnt such an expert after all. So we hike for 20 mins around the park to our actual destination. When we get there all of my dreams are realised, there are trees and blankets and lots of people all snuggled up in the twilight waiting for the movie....BRILLIANT. There we are eating crisps and maltesers and drinking our sprite and laughing away at Shrek when about 40mins into the film Shrek's voice starts getting distorted???? They cut the reel and over tannoy let us know that due to 'severe techinal difficulties' they cant show the film and we have to go home. BOO HOO, luckily we got complimentary tickets to use at another showing of our choice. So we decided to go and see 'the notebook' last night as its a proper good old romantic weepie, perfect for moonlight cinema (although poor pete wasnt so sure, we dragged him along anyway though)

so yesterday we awoke (to another bloody fire alarm) and after tramping down another 14 flights of stairs looking like extras from the set of "thriller" we cheered ourselves up with the thought of our nightime expedition. Sorry can i quickly just let you in on an interesting point that Emma made when we were sat on the street waiting for the all clear from the firemen. In our building we are practically the only 'european' looking residents (we nearly live in chinatown if you get my drift) but whenever there is a fire alarm only the english people get out of bed. Seriously every time we have got downstairs its the same 9 people there. Its terrible really that in an apartment block of 170 odd flats only 9 people get out of bed and the culprits never come down either - probably a good thing the mood we were in...

so anyway night time arrives and off we trek again (on the right bus this time). We get to the cinema and snuggle down to watch our film and what happens??? yep 5 mins into the film the sound goes AGAIN!!!! every other night its been fine, just the nights we go, we curse the place apparently! aaaaaaaaaaaaagh why do things like fire alarms, wrong buses and broken screens always seem to happen to us??

i have decided to vent my anger in the right direction though and am going to spend my time at work tomorrow (hey i dont really do anything anyway, might as well occupy myself with something profitable) writing an extremely strongly worded letter to Mr Moonlight Cinema himself and am going to include all our bus tickets as i want a refund on those as well!!!! so watch this space, i will get our money back!

so i still havent managed to tick off any of my 'things i need to do' yet but i will keep on trying

love you all

Vikki x x

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