The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

The Great Orme Tramway

The Great Orme Tram #5

Sheep on The Great Orme (1)

Sheep on The Great Orme (2)

View from up on The Great Orme

St. Tudno Church and Cemetery

Welsh schoolchildren on a field trip to The Great Orme

The Bishop's Close on The Great Orme

Nick outside the Summit Complex

Barb outside the Summit Complex

Bronze Age Copper Mine

View from The Great Orme Tramway on the way down

Bodlondon Castle (Converted to Flats) in Llandudno

Bodlondon Castle (2) in Llandudno

Shrewsbury Train Station

Military Museum in Shrewsbury

Buildings om Castlegate Street in Shrewsbury

Buildings on Castlegate Pedestrian Mall in Shrewsbury (1)

Building on Castlegate Pedestrian Mall in Shrewsbury (2)

Market Square Clock Tower in Shrewsbury

The Abbey in Shrewsbury

St. Mary's Private Hospital in Shrewsbury

Prison in Shrewsbury (still in use)

The River Severn and the English Bridge

The River Severn

Good morning Llandudno..what a beautiful day. I really love this cute Victorian town ... all of the buildings are beautiful pastel we walked along the walkway and took in the sea view. Nick and I made our way to the Tram to take us up to The Great Orme...while waiting we met a wonderful elderly couple, originally from London, now retired and living in Salisbury who made it back to Llandudno after a number of years and were telling us that they know some people in Canada...and go figure, back home in Edmonton.....what a small world!!!! We chatted with them for about 40 minutes as the Tram was delayed so it was quite nice to share some stories with these lovely people. Upon our arrival at the summit which took about 20 minutes to go up approximately one mile to a height of 679 feet, we were able to spend as much time as we wanted and take in the great views of the mountains of Snowdonia looking down to Llandudno, walking amongst all of the little sheep that were wandering the hillsides. There was also a formation in the side of the mountain called the Bishop's Close and an old Bronze Age Copper Mine. The tram cars are the restored originals which were used over a hundred years ago and the entire tram system was spic and oil or grease or dirt anywhere....simply spotless.....these guys know how to take care of their tramway.

After taking the tram back down we headed back to our B & B to pick up our packs and catch the next train out to Shrewsbury. We arrived in Shrewsbury, which is one of England's finest medieval towns, full of black and white half timber properties. We found a nice B & B called the Sidney House Hotel about ten minutes walk from the train station. After getting settled we walked along the River Severn which encircles the entire town. If you walk in any direction you pretty much come to the river....we wound up walking the town twice and found a nice little place called "The Lion and Pheasant" where we had a great meal....the Stilton Blue Cheese sauce was oh so good and quite a treat for us compared to sandwiches. After dinner we walked back along the river to our B & B and settled in for the night....being awoken by some noisy neighbors who were returning from the pub in the wee hours of the morning.....more on them tomorrow....

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