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Today was a long one. 549 miles with an average moving speed of 60.8 mph. I'm now located at another Cracker Barrel near Shreveport for the night. There's a a Wal-Mart right across the way so I had a choice. Much less busy at the Cracker Barrel so that's why I'm here. Not scenic, but convenient and free. The outside temperature almost all day has been hovering around 95 degrees. My engine A/C managed to keep me comfortable all day without using the generator and the overhead A/C units. I am, however, using the generator and A/C units now to cool things down before I go to bed. It should cool down enough later so that I won't need the A/C. Right now it's about 78 degrees outside.

Once I get to Colorado it is my plan to not drive more than 200 to 300 miles in any one day. I'm on a mission now to get to Livingston, Texas as quickly as possible, set up my Texas residency, transfer titles and drivers license to Texas, register to vote etc, and then haul for Colorado. Texas is too hot for me this time of year so I'm just going to do my business and move on. I'll come back another time and spend some time during the cooler months. There's a lot of Texas that I definitely want to check out in detail, but not this time around. Part of this fulltiming thing is to stay away from too hot and too cold and Texas definitely fits into the too hot category right now.

For some unknown reason my water pump stopped working today. I have no clue why, but I'll have to get that fixed while I'm in Livingston. Things do tend to break on these things with some regularity I'm told. I'm also going to try to arrange to have DirectTV installed while I'm there.

It's only about 150 miles to Livingston, so I should be there pretty early in the afternoon. It'll be nice to have full hookups again.

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