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Mill in Chester

Canal in Chester

Railway Museum in Chetser Park

Chester Park

Squirrel in Chester Park

2nd Marquis of Chester

Bridge over the River Dee

Clock Tower in Town Centre

Roman Gardens (1)

Roman Gardens (2)

Part of the Old Wall surounding Chester

Half Timber Building in Chester

View of the River Dee

View of Town Centre from the Old Wall Clock Tower

A boat called the "Jackie" on the River Dee

Picture of Nick on The Old Wall

Grovsner Shopping Mall in Chester

After another good breakfast.....laundry day.....yippee......we walked over to the nearest laundry that we could get directions to from people that we asked on the street and found a nice clean launderette (as they are called here) which was up to date with the most modern of new computerized washers and dryers and had the most helpful and nicest of owners; Debbie Condron(mother) & daughter Katie, with whom Barbara and I chatted for almost the entire time we were there. The cost of doing laundry here is double what we would pay at home (just like eveything else from food to drinks to accomodations to taxis, etc) however, you would not get the hospitality at a laundromat at home that we received here (you would be lucky if you found anybody in the place to make change let alone speak with you)...the Condron's were just wonderful and it's a shame we were unable to meet Mr. Condron; and to find a laundromat at home as clean as this one...not a chance. After getting our laundry done we walked towards the town centre going thru Chester Park where there is a monument to Richard, the 2nd Marquis of Chester. We then got to the River Dee of which we walked along the banks towards the old town wall. Chester is another town that has a reasonably intact wall around it that you can take a walk on and see many of the sights of the city from. We headed thru the city centre thru Grovsner Street Mall and back towards our room stopping along the way at the Roman Gardens and also the Roman Amphitheatre, which was discovered existing in the centre of town a number of years ago and which has been the site of an archaelogical dig since then; the St. John the Baptist Church that was originally built in 679 AD and upgraded a few times since then. Some of the memorials/graves within the church date back to the mid 1700's and the stained glass windows are absolutely spectacular. We stopped at the Rail Station to make reservations on the train from Chester to Holyhead in Wales and then onto the ferry from Holyhead to Dun Leary, Ireland which is just outside of Dublin. We returned to our room and went online to make reservations for a place to stay in Dun Leary and found this proved to be most difficult. It seems that in the summer rooms fill up ever so quickly all over Ireland. We were ultimately successful in getting a room at a popular hostel and look forward to our arrival there tomorrow. After getting our travel arrangements sorted out, we walked back into the town centre and took that walk along a portion of the town wall and then found a place to eat called seems that despite the pricey eateries here, there are a number of pubs, etc that offer two for one "mains" or a special menu including your meal and a pint. Today we had a very good burger and chips with a pint of Strongbow Cider and at £10.00 for the two of us this was one of the best values we have found over here...bye for now.....

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