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Buildings in Edinburgh (1)

Buildings in Edinburgh (2)

Buildings in Edinburgh (3)

Piper at Scott Monument outside Waverly Station

National Gallery of Scotland

Edinburgh Castle (1)

St Cuthbert's Church

Usher Hall

The Royal Mile

Scottish Parliament (1)

Scottish Parliament (2)

Scottish Parliament (3)

Cliff's overlooking Edinburgh

National Monument

This morning our hosts Liz & Graham served us a complete breakfast of cereal, sausages, bacon and eggs, french toast and toast & jam with coffee and was delicious and a better deal than most of the eateries, now we're off to the train to continue our journey northward into Scotland...see you all in Edinburgh....We arrived in Edinburgh in about an hour....this city is 57 miles from Berwick-Upon-Tweed......and looked around for a Hostel to stay such luck as all of them in the town centre were fully booked......someone on the street suggested the Botanic Hotel, a short cab ride away, but it too was fully booked, so on to the next stop....we ended up on the waterfront(not much of a view) at a Holiday Inn Express after a £12.50 cab ride.....boy that was a lot of fun (not). Anyway, after checking in we walked (and walked) our way back to city centre and we got on the Edinburgh City Bus Tour which took us into Olde Towne and New Town and we saw the Scott Memorial, Usher Hall, The Edinburgh Castle at one end of the Royal Mile and The Holyrood Palace at the other and numerous other sights in between including the various galleries which were all free admission, The New Parliament Buildings which were supposed to cost £40 Million to build, however, they went a little over budget at £415 Million. As before, pictures will follow later, so be sure to come back......

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