Kirsty RTW '04/'05 travel blog

Orfa, Magalay, Jacky an me

Abel n his new shorts

With Janina

Girls in the English lab

Antony n his new Sporting Cristal top!

Armando in his 2.50GBP Boca strip

Freddy n his new cap

Nimrod, another cutie

Marie Ester and her new outfit

Juan Carlos, luvin his new clothes

With the family of Juan Carlos and Marie Ester

With ma wee Walter

Genesis and brother Ricardo with her camera an his new sunglasses!

Me n Junior

last day at school, 2nd year boys outside main building

Ileana preparing the turkey

The nativity play stars

Erick wit his xmas dinner

Junior at his dinner

With the crackers

More crackers! Thanks Lynn :)

two wee 4yr olds gettin the hang of it!

Xmas dinner, 1130pm on xmas eve

Sally and I at christmas

Me n Gonzalo

With Consuelo!

With her new dolly xmas day

Junior with his new car xmas morning

Cool present!


Xmas day

Jefferson in his new outfit and brother Jose Daniel

HJose Daniel n pals posing

Oor xmas tree

xmas night celebrations wit the other volunteers

Me trying to get the cereal box.....

Sally practising her yoga!!

Xmas presents...... A couple of the older girls that Im close to I managed to get them into the English lab, and i gave them some of my clothes, how pleased were they! Magalay told me that she is going to her aunts house and she doesnt give her presents and the things she needs most is clothes, so bingo, that worked really well, her dad left years ago, and she doesnt really see her mum, dont really understand the whole scene, esp as she talks at about 1000mph, and Im not a native peruvian!!

Jacky was so chuft,and Orfa was pretty tearful when she was leaving. Next for the 4th grade girls, Thalia, Nelly, Julie, elizabeth, Lisbeth ,Janina, Judith, Ester, Rosa..... lots of wee bits of jewellery, not many girls were missed and they were all really pleased. Genesis had ,when asked, said about a camera so I bought a disposable for her to take pics with. She is a bit special as we found out that her dad is in jail cos he killed her mum! She has an older sister who she goes to stay with the occasional weekend, and sometimes a madrina(god mother) as well.

Next for the boys, Abel n Renzo were so chuft with their stuff(tho we did have to go to the shop to get them altered!), Walter had his Boca strip on right away, Jhoel n Mario loved their t shirts, they are sometimes taken aback and a bit embarrassed when you give them stuff, Freddy, I got a huge hug of him(he has special needs and studies elsewhere, but is the tickliest boy I know, and it is the funniest thing in the world, his reaction to gettin tickled.) Rachel,Sharon and I have spent a few hours in the 4th grade dorms just playing with them and tickling Freddy!! It is the best time of the week when we spend time doing that.

Moises and Alexander were kinda afterthoughts as presents, but so glad i remembered them as they were so so chuft and really grateful! Uno cards and sunglasses and they were over the moon.

Armando, the guy who we took out after his first communion was so pleased with his boca strip, he just kept beaming and still had it on when we left today!

Wilson, Michael and Hector all got S/42 English, Spanish dictionaries, notebooks and stationery so they can keep studying. In the books we wrote messages to each of them to encourage them to study so they can work, travel and visit us!!

Walters mum came in for him today to take him for xmas, so we were really pleased for him but sad for us. He had been crying on Monday as he had no shoes to wear, he had lost them, and Christian had loaned him his but were too small. The hermano gave him a pair, under duress, but they were brown slip ons and horrible, so we are gonna buy him trainers so he can look funky! A few tears were shed by me and Rachel when we saw him leaving, he was subdued, and not as happy as he should be going home, but we spoke to his mum and gonna visit him next week!

Juan Carlos an Marie Ester so loved their outfits, they were really sweet, we met their dad, he was so pleased with their new clothes and kept saying how great they looked, they seem really close which is great.

All in all, it was a pretty sad day for us selfish volunteers!!, all these kids were going home, we wouldnt see a lot of them again for a long long time.

At the end of the day, a big Ripley(local department store)lorry turned up at the Puericultorio, with a Santa and presents for the kids who were staying, it was so exciting, I couldnae believe it that Santa comes to Peru as well!!!

Then it was off to the local Hipermarket to spend some of the money the readers of this site have donated. We set off to buy 10 DVD players, 4 for the girls dorms, 5 for the boys(girls already have 1!- no favouritism..honest!), 1 for the kids like Marie Ester n Juan Carlos, 3 Digital Cameras for the boys, girls and wee ones sections, toilet roll as requested by the Hermana Maria Canto and some more clothes as presents for tomoro nights celebration(xmas eve). All this cost S/4600, 740GBP. We bought 30 dvds from the market today for S/150 (*25).I still have a lot of money left, the nun asked for toilet roll as they never have enough(talk about needing basics!!), flip flops for the girls during summer as they only have shoes to wear, and maybe a computer, we will have a chat and see what else is needed.

Christmas eve is the big celebration here, tradition is to eat turkey and paneton(cake with dried fruit bits) in it at 12pm , we are eating with the kids at 8pm, then heading home to our respective families to eat there at 11pm. We are gonna head in(after surfing!) to play with the kids in the afternoon!

Suffice to say at this stage, a very merry christmas to all my readers, I hope the festive season finds you well and that whatever it is you want, may it be peace, love or just a good night out you find it! And to those closer to home, in my thoughts and heart always, you know who you are, kirsty x

Well, christmas eve was spent surfing in the morning with an audience, Sally and Sam brought Wilson, Hector and Michael to watch us, how embarrasing, their comment was oh ur only beginners!!!! As they watched us constantly trying to get up on our feet then falling off, and off again, and again!!

In the afternoon I had promised Erick that we would come in and play rounders with them, so we had a fairly well organised game of rounders in the afternoon, unbalanced tho, as in my team I had all the wee ones and Erick had picked all the older kids and Sam and Rachel! Well thats my excuse for losing!!!!!

7.30 we headed back into the orphanage to celebrate christmas with them, it started in the church with the kids reenacting the nativity, with a wee angel whos halo kept falling down the whole time! Afterwards, we went round the different areas of the orphanage where they had set up nativity scenes, the wee kids(3,4,5,6) years sang hymns they had been practicing round about the scenes, it was the cuteset thing. Afterwards we headed to eat dinner with them- there was about 70kids there lots of really young ones that we were surprised at..... we started off with hot chocolate, then turkey and rice was served, had to try and dodge eating as we had dinner to get at 12pm!!! Then it was the Paneton, we have been eating this stuff for weeks, its the traditional christmas cake, white sponge with bits of dried fruit thru it. Lynn, my sister had sent over cute wee crackers, so I gave them to all the younger ones, between 4 and 7, noone had seen crackers before, it took a fair bit of explaining, but they soon got the hang of it and were queuing up for more , it was really cute!!

Then, we gave each one of them a sublime boca loca(chocolate with fizzy bits in it, I luv it!!), they were really pleased, the nuns and brothers were so so pleased that we went, and couldnt say enough thank yous for the dvds and the cameras, they were so so grateful, it made me all kinda warm n fuzzy inside ;) And, its all thanks to yous out there who have been so kind to think of others at this expensive time of year for us all!

Home for christmas dinner,opened the crackers Sallys family had sent over much to the amusement of the family!,a luvly turkey dinner, then at the turn of midnight we(Ileana, Gonzalo, Felipe, his aunt, cousin and long lost French relative, Sally and I) all wished each other a merry christmas. It was nice, but seemed all a bit surreal. A few drinks later, I excused myself from the drinking wine session till breakfast time and dodged off to bed!

Christmas morning dawned blue and hot, the strangest experience ever, chocolate for breakfast, couldnt let that tradition fail, then into Magdalena to pick up bits n pieces from the market and get Renzos shorts altered. All of the shops open, my wee alterations people(who charge 50p for elaborate alterations ) were open again, they are the nicest people, they have all their kids there, and a chicken in the smallest cage in the world. Got chatting to them, the chicken had been a xmas present for one of the sons, I had been in yesterday, and they were all, including the daughter, sewing away furiously, and still managed to gte my jeans done in 20mins. Told me they never take holidays, they work every day as its the only way they can live, husband and wife working together on their market stall, cant afford to take a day off, what a life..... So many people live in poverty here and try so hard to make a living, when I gave him S3 he told me it was only 2, and I jus couldnt pay any less, I had jus paid less than 50p to get 2 sets of darts taken in on shorts, he worked for at least 20mins on it!

Back to the orphanage, got all the presents ready for the kids who were still there and delivered them, it was so cute, they were really pleased with all the presents they got. David, a big simple guy who is now 15 but still in class with 12year olds, had came into the lab when I was wrapping presents and watching his DVD, Braveheart(Corazon Valiente), it was the funniest thing. He sat down and was watching it, when the part came when Mel and his girl got naked he got all embarrassed and didnt know where to look, then the figting part where bodies were gettin chopped up, he was squirming and jumping like an 8yr old, the wee soul! David was dumped at the gate and has noone in the world either, hes a lovely guy who never gets to leave the orphanage. We are gonna try and take him out this week.

Erick was over the moon when he realised I had managed to get his favourite film, Rush Hour , for him.(I had got the DVD guy(yup ma new contact for cheap DVDs) to go and try and find it yesterday and was thrilled when I saw he had it for me today!). Erick is the best turned out guy and good looking at that, hes gonna break a few hearts in the future, tho from what I can gather he has no parents, or at least no parental contact.

Then we went to visit wee Jefferson(who we do encuentro de hermanos with) with his new short and t shirt set and spiderman flip flops. I have never seen a wee boy so grateful, he was over the moon, his clothes he had on were pulled off straight away and his new ones on. He was walking about beaming from ear to ear, in between cuddling and kissing me :) He is called Jefferson No Name as he was dumped as a baby and has nobody.

Ileana(my Peruvian mum) had her work mates donate presents for the kids, and one of the presents in particular had on it for a very special boy. We chose Junior for this, turned out it was a model BMW car, he was over the moon, so so pleased. Not sure of his family situation.

Last night we had a party on the patio in the house, put some paper chains round the cactus and tried to make it feel xmassy!! A few bottles of wine were drunk, then Rachel suggested the cornflake box game... BAsically cornflake box starts off, and we all take it in turns to pick it up with our teeth only feet touching the floor. Then it gets smaller and smaller, I gave up when I realised the other girls were all yoga or ex yoga enthusiasts, Sharon made it look ridiculously easy!!! She is jus too flexible man, so I resigned my place in the game, and stuffed into the cancha(unpopped pop corn) to make masel feel better..... Few drinks in La Mochileros in Barranco ended oor Peruvian christmas.

Funny story- Rachel got in a taxi the other day, asked for the Puericultorio and the guy started talking about, Kirsty, Iquitos!! He knew me, honestly there must be 10000000 taxis in Lima!!! It made us laugh!

Funny Story 2- Sally informed me that I talk in Spanish in my sleep, she says it sounds like Im talking to the kids!! Yup, time to get outta here, Im in too deep.....dreading leaving some of them! Have built up some really good relationships, and its all coming to a finish so soon :(

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