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Windsor Castle (1)

Windsor Castle (2)

Windsor Castle (3)

Windsor Castle (4)

Windsor Castle - Round Tower

View of Windsor CIty from the Castle

Windsor Castle (5)

Windsor Castle (6)

Roman Baths

Wooden model of baths

Parts of The Temple Pediment

The Temple Pediment

Cornerstone from the Ancient Baths

Architechture from the Ancient Baths

Lady's head

Theatrical Mask

Drain from the Baths (1)

Drain from the Baths (2)

Roman Baths (1)

Roman Baths (2)

Roman Baths (3)

Roman Baths (4)

Baths with view of Abbey Tower

Bath Abbey Tower (1)

Floor of the Bath Furnace Room

Exterior view of the Baths Museum

Bath Abbey Tower (2)

Bath Abbey doors

Fountain outside Bath Abbey

Stonehenge (1)

Stonehenge (2)

Stonehenge (3)

Stonehenge (4)

Stonehenge (5)

Stonehenge (6)

Stonehenge (7)

Stonehenge (8)

Stonehenge (9)

Stonehenge (10)

Stonehenge (11)

Stonehenge (12)

Stonehenge (13)

Stonehenge (14)

Artist's conception of complete Stonehenge Circle

Today we were up early to go to see Windsor Castle, the City of Bath and Stonehenge. It was a typical London spring day, raining cats and dogs. We caught a bus at the Blakemore Hotel, which is about three blocks from our hotel. Windsor Castle was about 45 minutes out of London to the southwest and we drove thru some very nice districts to get there.. Cheswick being one of them....Upon our arrival we walked thru a display called Queen Mary's Doll's incredible miniature scale dollhouse with working plumbing and electricity....this would have been right up Grisham's alley on CSI. We moved on to the State rooms...the artworks and furnishings were opulent.....the state rooms are closed to the public when the Queen is in residence and since her standard was not flying from the flagpole, that meant that she was not there and we were allowed to view the rooms... the value of all these works of art is mindblowing. Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures within the Castle, but we were able take some beautiful pictures of the Castle exterior. From Windsor, we travelled two hours further southwest to the City of Bath which is full of Roman history and Georgian architechture in a honey coloured bath stone (limestone). While here we saw the thermal bath/spas and museum where there were many excavated passages and chambers which lie beneath street level including the sulpherous mineral springs which still flow today, some 5,000 years after the baths were first built. Right next to the baths was the Bath Abbey which was built some 500 years ago and still standing and in use.......we don't have anything on these guys for construction longevity......Next stop, an hour back towards London, Stonehenge, in the Salisbury area....we drove thru Shrewsbury where England's smallest jail stands. Upon our arrival at Stonehenge, it was pouring rain, windy and freezing cold which seemed to be a fitting backdrop for the mysterious rock formations that were placed here. Every step you took around the circle of stones, you got a different angle and view of the was quite awe-inspiring, and hence all the photos from all the different positions as we went around. We returned to London where we were dropped off at an Underground Station to take the tube back to our hotel, however, they wanted 4 pounds each (roughly $18.00 for the two of us) to go a short distance and therefore we opted to continue our walk in the rain thru Hyde Park which only took us about 20 minutes to get back to Paddington, it was nice to get home after a day of seeing some beautiful sites...Until next time,

Bye for now.

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