The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Kensington Palace (1)

Kensington Palace (2)

The Orangery (named after William the Orange) (1)

The Orangery (2)

A couple of Lovebirds

Squirrel on the Kensington grounds

Kensington Gardens and Pond

Statue of Queen Victoria in front of Kensington Palace

Statue of William III in front of Kensington Palace

Guess who in Hyde Park

Guess who else in Hyde Park

"Round Pond" at Hyde Park

Spire House

Having walked as much as we did yesterday, the bones and joints ached a little and so we took it a little easier today.....we got up and headed out for a coffee and to plan the next few days itinerary. After coffee we headed back to Hyde Park and walked down "The Broad Walk" and over to Kensington Palace to have a quick's interesting to listen to all the people and find that there are lot of different cultures that are either visiting or living here...we hear a lot of foreign langauges spoken.........we haven't heard too many Brits around...anyways, the weather took a turn today and the temperature dropped from a high of about 23 degrees yesterday to a chilly 5 or 6 degrees today and it started raining this such we didn't get up to much....we did notice however that the garbage cans seemed to make an appearance where we were walking today.....perhaps thay were all on vacation the last couple of days...on the way back to our hotel we snapped a few more pictures around Hyde Park and saw a building called Spire House which appears to be an old church that has been converted into an apartment building. Cheerio!

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