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G'day all,

We just want to let you know, that over the past fortnight,

we have done absolutely no work....

She has corrupted our working ethics (we did not have high standards anyway)

20 questions and drawing pictures...Emma thinks we are in Kindy again!!!

We know that you are all missing Emma, but we are not going to let her go home.

It means that we will have to start working again. She will tell you that she has been doing all of our work, do not believe it.

Now its Ranald, the non ar*se kissing Greg, and no really, you can have her back... I have high work ethics and really don't like to be disturbed, just last week she awoke me from a very important power nap... This entry is the result of early work drinks mind you, please don't take this to heart (Emma's mum) as she is a lovely girl and very focused. (I ofcourse am a habitual liar.)

Anyways I'm sure you don't really care what we think, all you're wondering is why did Emma let this dicks put a journal on her internet site, well back off!

Love always xxxooooo

Greg and Ranald

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