The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

"Physical Energy"

Royal Albert Memorial

Royal Albert Hall

Horses on a roof top

Harrod's Department Store

Wellington Arch

Wellington Monument

Wellington World War I Memorial

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Gates at Green Park

Buckingham Palace with Bobbies out front

Queen Victoria Monument

Union Jacks along the Green Park Walkway

Archway at end of "The Mall"

National Gallery at Trafalgar Square

Monument at Trafalgar Square

Statue of Man with Boobs at Trafalgar Square

Fountain at Trafalgar Square

Building achitecture along Whitehall

Big Ben

The Parliament

River Thames and back of The Parliament

Entrance to the Marriott Hotel

The Hungerford Bridge

The London Eye

Westminster Underground Station Entrance

Westminster Abbey (1)

Westminster Abbey Architechture

Westminster Abbey (2)

Westminster Abbey (3)

St. Margaret's Church

World War II Women's Memorial along Whitehall

At the "On Horse Guard" Station

"On Horse Guard"

Pizzeria at Harrod's

Singing Chef at Harrod's Pizzeria

Today, after sleeping in a bit, we hit the road, walking. We left our hotel and headed to Hyde Park where we saw a statue called "Physical Energy". We crossed the entire width of the park on "The Lancaster Walk" where we came upon the Royal Albert Memorial which was across Kensington Road from the Royal Albert Hall. The Kensington Palace was also at the west end of Hyde Park. We continued along Kensington to Knightsbridge which appears to be a more upscale area of London....a lot cleaner than the area where we are staying... people seen to place garbage anywhere and everywhere as there simply are hardly any garbage cans anywhere...not even in the parks....we've seen only two so far where we have been walking......We came across Harrod's Department Store in the Knightsbridge was amazing......there was security at every door.....Barb loved the fragrance smelled heavenly.....they also had an area they called the Egyptian section where the escalators serviced all five floors of the store which was decorated in an Egyptian motiff. We then entered the "Food Mall"....what a food court...there was a cheese section that was bigger than Paddy's Cheese Market in High Street at home, olives and pickles, a champagne and caviar section, sushi, Chinese and Thai food, a meat market, bakery, choclates and gelato, a pizzeria and much, much more. We left Harrod's and made our way across the Wellington Arch to Buckingham Palace where we saw the changing of the guard. There was security around as there appeared to be some sort of event going on......the women in attendance were wearing their Sunday best hats and we overheard one woman say that if you were invited past the gates of Buckingham Palace, the women had to wear their hats in recognition of the Queen's love of hats, so maybe she was out and about. We then walked thru Green Park and St. James Park and then strolled up "The Mall" to Trafalgar Square where we saw the National Gallery and other statues and monuments. We then walked down Whitehall past the Churchill War Meeting Rooms and the "On Horse Guards" to Big Ben and The Parliament. We crossed the Westminster Bridge over the River Thames past the Marriott Hotel which used to house the parliament from 1922 to 1986. From the bridge we could see "The London Eye" which is the world's largest ferris wheel. We walked back to see Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's Church stopping at Westminster Underground station where there was an admission charge to use the washrooms....50p to pee...and then made our way back to our hotel stopping back at Harrod's to pick up some cheese, meat and baguettes for our supper which was delicious (and cheaper then eating out. The restaurants here are extremely expensive.) At Harrod's we had the most delightful treat in that the pizzeria chef sung wonderful Italian opera while tossing pizza dough....he had a great voice. Back in our room we have been resting our weary blistered feet from walking all day what seemed to be at least ten miles (not too bad for a couple of older farts) and working on our blog......bye for now.......

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