The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

Hi everyone - The flight over was interesting...we boarded our flight in Calgary and were set to settle into our seats when lo and behold "Tinkerbell" got on the plane and seated himself down....yes "himself", right in front of overbearing, obnoxious, loud German man with a long scraggly beard braided under his chin and with long dirty red, yellow and orange hair, dressed in a yellow flannel blouse with a lovely layered pink skirt and a red witches hat with a star dangling from the tip. He kept swearing and gesturing and I thought for sure that they were going to throw him off the plane however he eventually settled down after a few (read many) vodkas. The flight was a little bumpy but otherwise uneventful and we arrived in London...after taking the train from Heathrow to Paddington Station we located our hotel and checked in to our "broom closet" of a room. It's amazing what they get away with charging you for a space that is smaller than most of our offices that we work in....and can you imagine showering in a space that is about 1.5 feet can barely fit thru the door of the shower. We went for a short walk in the area where we are pictures yet...check back tomorrow.... Pip pip and all that.....Cheerio for now....

Miss you all...til next time N & B

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