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Jeff & Chuck Blending at Glengoyne

If you did not get the full narrative from yesterday go back and check it out. We solved our computer problems.

Today is Jeff's big FIVE OH and to celebrate we took the train to Glasgow. The ladies stayed to shop in Glasgow while Chuck and Jeff headed up to Milngavie for a private tour at the Glengoyne Distillery. They know how to do a tour there. It STARTED with a wee dram to warm up with and went from there. Chuck and Jeff were quite impressed with the access they were given. The tour ended with them blending their own 200cl bottle of Scotch.

The plan was for all of us to meet back up in Edinburgh. Jennifer and Penny took an earlier train and Jeff and Chuck headed back around 4pm. Halfway to Edinburgh the train stopped and we were advised we would have to back up to the Linlithgow station and await further instuctions. A lorrie (truck) had hit an overpass ahead of the train and needed to be inspected. It would be an indefinate delay. Not wanting to hang around Linlithgow Chuck and Jeff cut a quick deal with 2 other business passengers to share a cab back to Edinburgh. They blasted past the 200 other disorinted passengers getting off the train and grabbed the one and only cab in front of the station. 25 minutes later we were at Waverly Station in Edinburgh.

Tomorrow we are off to Pitlochery. Stay tuned...

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