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Chuck & Jeff at the Spirit Safe

Our Friend Craig Again - He's Everywhere!

Jeff & Jennifer at the Edinburgh Castle

Changing of the Guard at the War Memorial - Edinburgh Castle

What a View From the Castle

View #1 from Mom & Dad's Room

View #2 from Mom & Dad's Room

View #3 from Mom & Dad's Room

A Few Wee Drams = A Few Wee Winks!





We had computer problems and could not upload photos last night. Here they are!!! Check back later for a narrative of the days acivities and find out about our cab driver in the wee bonnie village of Pencaitland!!!!

YEAH, back up and running computerwise. We blasted out of Edinburgh in the morning on the mighty 44 bus to the village of Pencaitland to tour the Glenkinchie distillery. We asked our bus driver to tell us when to get off. He called out our (supposed) stop and we got off. As the bus pulled away we realized he dropped us off at the gates of a wheat mill in the middle of nowhere. And I do mean nowhere. Jeff had the phone # for the local cab on the Glenkinchie paperwork and used his cell phone to call. He explained where we were and that we needed a cab. The woman who answered asked him if he could see a Scottish flag across the road. Jeff said yes he could. She said "That's where I live, I will be right out"!!!!Thats how we meet Cathy the taxi driver from (as she said) "The wee bonnie village" of Pencaitland.

We had a great tour that was conducted by our now "old" friend Craig. Yep, the same guy that was our bartender at the Scotch Malt Society on Queen Street in Edinburgh on Friday night. His aunt runs the reception at Glenkinchie, man this IS a small place. Kathy the cab driver picked us up after the tour and took us to the local pub and introduced us around. A quick beer later and we were back on the mighty 44 to Edinburgh.

We then took the guided tour of the Edinburgh Castle. Very cool as the photos will attest. The war memorial to fallen Scottish soliders was quite moving. The names of the soldiers fill book after book.

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