First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog

great ambience

Today we left our beautful campground on the sea in San Diego and drove about 120 miles to Imperial. In this short drive we climbed from sea level up to 4,000 feet and back down 45 feet below sea level. The temperature also changed from spring to summer and it's sunny and in the 80's. We are here because Ken volunteered to give a presentation on using technology to enhance your RV experience at an Escapees rally. The Escapees organization has been efficiently forwarding our mail to us since we left home and is comprised of volunteers who generally live in their RV's full time. They organize caravan trips like the one we took to Mexico, gatherings at areas of tourist interest such as the Hot Air Balloon rally in Albuquerque, manage affordable campgrounds and even run a convalescent home/hospice for RVer's to sick to carry on down the road.

The main purpose of this rally is learning more about the RV life and there are presentations about managing your waste water, how to hook up your trailer, and good places to visit. It looks like Ken's presentation will fit right in with the others being given, but we were surprised to see his venue could easily seat 1,000 and we were expecting a room that hold about 50 people.

Ken was not surprised that he is not being paid for his presentation because this is a volunteer organization, but he was taken aback when we were charged to stay here, just like all the other attendees. This rally is taking place at a fairground and we were also surprised to find ourselves parked in the special area for instructors right next to the pig barn, which is fortunately empty, although faint whiffs of the previous occupants still hang in the air.

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