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Jungle in Golfo Dulce Costa Rica

SCene in Golfo Dulce

Volendam in Golfo Dulce

Christine on Volendam in Golfo Dulce

Storm as we leave Golfo Dulce

Flowers sent by our travel agent

Our Cabin

Our Cabin

We had a lazy day today. We ordered breakfast in our cabin and had enjoyed it on our balcony watching the sea slip past. We went to a lecture on travel photography which did not provide much fresh information, but was well presented and showed some beautiful photographs. Interestingly this was another Canadian. All three of the lecturers we have heard have been from Canada.

We walked round the promenade deck several times to keep in reasonable shape and counteract the good food. We went back to our room and I downloaded yesterday's movies and Christine read. We had lunch in the dining room for the first time on this trip and were surprised to find ourselves seated with the two ladies who had switched tables away from our group after the first night at dinner. The older of the two obviously had no memory of us, and the younger who was seated further from us did not indicate any recognition.

We went to a concert of classical piano music which was very well done, including an impersonation of Victor Borge. The ship was entering Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica and we went to go outside to view the scenery, but the rain came on so we sat in the Crows Nest for a while and when the rain abated we went outside and stood and watched the jungle scenery, broken by the occasional house and boat dock. While it was quite scenic, it did not lend itself to photography as it was mostly a uniform green. Christine enjoyed the highlight of her holiday as she watched dolphin playing in the ship's wake. We met several groups of them and they stayed with us for quite a while. They proved even more difficult to capture digitally than whales in Alaska a few years ago,.

When the ship swung round to leave the bay we returned to our cabin and watched the exit form our balcony.

After looking at the few photos we had taken and reviewing yesterday's movies we got ready for dinner and had another congenial meal with our fellow Canadians. We then listened to the string trio till they took a break and we had a brief stroll outside before retiring for the night.

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