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Opera House

The tash was a mistake !!

On top of the bridge

More of the same

Sydney Skyline

Funky Apartments next to bridge

Manly Beach

Manly town centre

Another Harbour shot


Well arrived in Sydney at 7am Friday morning, and basically decided I would check out Manly in the North as never made it on my first visit.

The morning boat trip across from sydney harbour was great, arrived in Manly Wharf and just went for a wonder to find a hostel, eventually found one, Manly backpackers, and well compared to what I have experienced so far on my travels I can only describe it as a sh*thole !! That said I can't complain, I guess it's always good to experience these kind of places as it makes you appreciate things when there good.

So spent my first day in bed, trying to shake off a cold, then took a wonder along the beach, watched some surfing over some fish and chips and that's it ... a rock and roll start to the next step of my travels. That said, I just want to take it easy for a few days before moving North.

An evening in the hostel consisted of trying to cook pasta with no pans available, apart from one with no handle and V dirty so opted out of cooking there, ended up eating out and staying away from the place as long as possible to ensure I didn't catch something.

Technically I should have checked out the next day but at 9.30 I just couldn't be arsed to get out of bed and spent anoether day just lazing around the beach, etc ... but was 100% sure I'd be checking out in the morning!

Spent the evening at the Ivanhoe watching the United V Everton game ... again, thought we'd lost it but the boys came up with the goods yet again, and good old Phil Neville, once a red, always a red !!

No oversleeping this time, checked out and was gonna head for the city but it was an amazing day so instead thought I'd move to Board Riders hostel which I heard was 10 times better (which wouldn't be hard). Straight in, dumped my stuff and headed in to the city to sort out my travels up the East Coast.

I had been poorly advised about the Oz experience in the UK as everyone I have met travelling didn't have a good word to say about it, so that's cancelled. Not only was it pretty crap by all accounts, it was also very expensive, and for only another $230 I managed to get more flexibility and a load of cool trips aswell so have loads of things planned all the way up the coast!!

Once that was booked I was pretty happy and decided I would leave on Tuesday, so being my last night I met up with Natalie for dinner and drinks in Manly, it was a really chilled evening and always a pleasure with Natalie as she's really cool, and a good friend!!

So yeah, today was my last day in Sydney so dumped my bags off in the city and spent the whole day around Circular Quay. Had breakfast outside the Opera House, walked over the bridge, went up the Pylon's for views over the city which was superb and a damn site cheaper than $160 to actually walk over the bridge (was very close to doing this but just simply didn't warrant the money involved).

I also went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in the harbour, free admission so that kept me occupied for a few hours as stumbled in to a free seminar from the museum director about one of the exhibitions.

I also kept wondering why there were so many amazing women around the harbour, litterally 100's but when I got to the museum there was a big tent outside the Ferry Station for Sydney Fashion week so that explained that one!!

Headed back over to the Opera House for late lunch as liked that spot, took some photo's, and tried to avoid getting in others snaps but every man and his Japenese dog are taking photo's all over the place so gave up trying to be courteous in the end!!

Anyway, the touristy day is over but it's been great, I wish I had done it the first time round with my camera and without my day bag that seems to weigh as much as my rucksack at the mo' ... but no worries, managed to get some good photo's, although in hindsight the tash wasn't the cleverest idea !! ha ha ha ... doh!

I am now about to jump on a bus to Newcastle, so really looking forward to getting out of the city. This being my 2nd time in Sydney I can still say with confidence that Melbourne is by far my preffered choice between the two cities, in fact it's not even close for me.

Manly, yeah nice beach, good surf but as a place I wasn't impressed, in fact pretty bored after about 1 day there !! ... but none the less good to see.

So next time I write I'll be in to the start of the East Coast adventure ... lets get involved !!

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