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Burned area close to I-75 in Everglades

Alligator Alley's fame

Campsite at Sumter Oaks in Bushnell

The first drive after staying put for a long time is again exciting and a little bit scary until I get used to being behind the wheel of a big vehicle with a car attached. I had to double check the car hookup to make sure I remembered how to do it and I had to spend a couple of minutes going over everything mentally after I thought I had it all ready to start driving. I didn't forget anything so off I went!

There was a big fire the week before that closed down I-75 (Alligator Alley) that goes across the state and I wondered if I was going to be able to travel that road or have to go the slower route of the Tamiami Trail. That road is nice but I expected to be on the road most of the day and didn't really want to meander so much on this trip. Anyway, the smoke has cleared for the most part and they had reopened the road in plenty of time. I stopped at the first "recreation access area" and could see the effects of the fire and smell smoke in the air. It was caused by a swamp buggy that probably wasn't where it was supposed to be - the owner has to pay for the firefight!

It took me over 7 hours to travel 328 miles and that was what I thought it would take. I have to stop for 10 minutes or so every couple of hours and over 30 minutes at lunchtime and of course there's a gas stop for at least 35 gallons each time. I also try not to go over 60 mph for too long a stretch. It looks like I got 7.8 mpg on this leg - not bad for travelling over mostly flat terrain and the car's gas tank was just about empty.

I got mostly settled in by 4:30 and then used their indoor pool to do my own water aerobics. It sure is hard to do aerobics by yourself for a whole hour! But the swim felt good. After supper, I went to the lounge to watch TV - I only get one channel in the MH here. Notice that I cannot use my big awning because of the live oak tree with moss hanging down right outside my entrance door!

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