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I arrived in Bluff somewhat late in the day hoping to sample some of what it is most famaous for...Oysters. I tried several places with no luck. It seems mst of the oysters are sold to other restaurants and markets elsewhere in the world and in New Zealnd.

Not wanting to be shut out, I stopped and asked an ancient road surveyor and his wife if he knew where I might find some around town (When I say ancient, I'm referring to the surveyor and not the road!) He really wasn't sure, but after chatting for a whi;e, he found out I was gong to Stewart Island and I found out he lived there. While he didn't have any suggestions for oysters, he did invite me to pop-in for a visit over on Stewart Island.

Almost as an afterthought, he told me to mention I'd be staying with him... "Lord"... when I bought my ferry ticket over. Sure enouhg, the next day when I turned up to buy my ticket, I got $20 off the normal price!

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