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Out for a Hike on the Otago Peninsula

St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral in Dunedin...

the Fortune Theatre where I saw "Clean House."

Then on to Dunedin...a university town right on the coast. I actually caught a little theatre here. "Clean House"had opened that Friday, and I caught a Sunday Matinee.

Let's see if I can explain this...It was about a Brazillian housekeeper who became sad when she did housework becuse she wanted to be a comedian. That wasn't a problem, because her Doctor Boss's sister absolutely loved doing housework, and needed something to fill her time after she'd cleaned her own house. This arrangement was fine until the Dr. Boss found out her husband was leaving her for an Argentine patient who he'd given a mastectomy. It all got really weird when the Brazillian housekeeper started alternating time living with her Dr. Boss and Argentine breast cancer patient and the ex Husband. In the meantime, the sister got a job as a check out person at the grocery store and the Argentine had a relapse and moved in with the Dr. Boss while the ex-husband went off to Alska in search of a Yarrow tree to bring back for treatment. the Brazillian houslekeeper stumbled upon the perfect joke and told it to the Argentine who wanted to die laughing. She did.

It was bit of a convoluted story, but in the end, it all somehow worked and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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