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View from our room in Castelrotto

The Dolomite Mountains of Italy


We decided to go to church in the morning on a church on San Giorgio Island (an Island that is a 3 minute boat ride from the mainland). The church was beautiful, and it was really nice hearing a Gregorian mass, but the whole service was Italian so it was slightly difficult to understand!

We took a train ride to Bolzano, Italy and then transferred by bus to the tiny little town that we will be staying at for the next few days called Castelrotto. Ironically enough, this place IS IN Italy, but practically everyone speaks german to one another and sausages, dumplings, and apple strudel is a staple in this region.

The bus ride was very scenic....Dolomite mountains were seen on every switchback turn. We arrived in Castelrotto around 5pm and I think we were the only tourists in town. It felt like we stepped into an odd time warp...the men here (all of them) wear blue aprons (you kitchen aprons), and women wear big Tirolean mountain dresses. Very very odd but the people are nice.

We checked into our very nice (and very cheap) B&B which was a nice change from Hostels and little rented rooms. That night, we ate at our B&B and went to bed on the earlier side since we were exhausted.

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