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Arrival in Venice


Rialto Bridge

Those pigeons are CRAZY! (St. Marks Square)


St. Marks Cathedral

Typical scene in Venice

Rialto Bridge

Traffic in Venice


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Attack of the Pigeons-Christian Part 1

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Attack of the Pigeons-Christian Part 2

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Attack of the Pigeons-Monica Part 1

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Attack of the Pigeons-Monica Part 2

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Attack of the Pigeons-Monica Part 3

So we awoke in the morning and hopped on a train to Venice (or Venezia) as the Italians called it. We didn't have high expectations for Venice--we actually just assumed it to be a smelly city full of tourist. Boy, were we wrong! Venice is uniquely amazing with no mildewy or spoiled water smell in sight.

On of the first things we did when we arrived was B-lined to St. Marks Square and went inside the cathedral. Shortly after that, we saw that there were several old men were selling bird feed for a euro. It sounded like cheap entertainment that we would enjoy so we purchased two bags worth. Well, let me tell you that (and I quote directly from Christian), "Those pigeons are CRAZY!" The videos speak for themselves but in the unfortunate event that you are unable to download it, let me describe to you what happened:

It was sunny warm day in Venice with the sun slowly beginning to creep down the horizon. We buy two bags of bird feed from a street vender. The minute the pigeons realized that we were holding a white packet of delicious and irresistable feed, BAM! A hoard of at least 100 pigeons lunged at us agressively until practically every single body surface area was covered! They clawed, they cooed, and ironically did not poo! The birds actually physically ripped the bag of food from my hand! Talk about persistant!

Later, we found out that Venice actually has a plan implemented to decrease (or at least keep the pigeon population in check) by placing birth control in the corn that's sold to the street vendors. Well guys, I don't think your implemented plan is working! :)

Shortly after the attack of the pigeons, we strolled around to small little restaurants in the back alleys of Venice. Tour books state that Venice is Touristy, but only touristy in about 20% of area (because most tourists don't walk to the other areas). We wanted to see REAL Venice so we walked to the small little back alleys. Apparently, it's real common for Venetians to sort of go on a "food crawl." They go to these small little back alley restaurants and order a small (but very tasty) appetizer. They cost about 2-3 euros each....depending on what you get, and usually consist of cheese, meat, veggies or fish. We went to a couple places like this and made a meal out of it.

We looked into gondola rides but 150 euros for about 45 minutes was a little too pricey for us. Instead, we sat next to the water and watched which frankly, I thought was just as nice!

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