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We successfully made it to Burma and back. We left at 11 at night and slept on the mattreses they had provided on the floor of the boat. We were woken up by the smell of the port on the main land even before we arrived, it smells like rotten squid. There are hundreds of fishing and squid boats lining the river, the river is full of rubbish, I don't know how the people stand to live there. We got off the boat at about 5am and jumped onto a mini van that took us across the Thailand mainland to the border of Thailand and Burma, near Phuket.

When we arrived we went to the immigration office to get a stamp out of Thailand, their computers were down or something so we had to wait around for about an hour, putting us behind schedule. After we got our stamp we walked through a couple of streets, pasted houses that were basically built on the waters of the bay. There was alot of smelly dirty water laying around and I wondered how the people could live right next door to pools of water full of rubbish and sewage.

We jumped on a boat and after about half an hour we were in another country, Burma. We got a visa stamp there, jumped back on the boat and came back to Thailand. Walking through the same streets that were now flooded because of the tide. Yes, we walked through the same water we had only had to look at before. Our legs stunk, it was nasty!

We headed back to immigration, got a stamp back in for Thailand for another month and headed home.

Because of the initial delay at immigration we were running late and didn't think we would make it to catch our boat back to Koh Tao island. The driver however decided to give it his best shot. We rocketed through along the road, most of the time on the wrong side of the road and past on every blind corner that we could. Not for the first time on this trip I thought that I may die in a car accident, it seemed inevitable. But, much to my surprise we made it safe and reasonably sound and just in time to jump on our boat before it left the dock.

The boat was a catamaran, and boy could it move. The first boat we took had taken us six hours, the cat took two. The weather was beautiful and cruisng past the islands made us feel like we were really on holiday.

So now we are back on the island until our rental expires on the 25th. That is all the news for now. We are off to Shark Bay to snorkel with the sharks again.

Miss you all

Honk and Rach

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