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Christmas eve Lodging. Looks quaint right? This is the place we contracted...

The bathroom in "Casa de Bed Bugs". Dirt walls above shower. Home...

Oi! Fliculitous!

Ga-Rosse! God, can't believe we're even showing you this!

Main street in Mancora

Christmas Day. Lodging of a better sort. Stayed 3 nights. private patio,...

View from our beach

Christmas day...Ahhhhh finally nothing to do.

Merry Christmas.

Buying some jewelry from the beach venders.

no bugs...AND a pool???

A look down the beach. No one else around.

Us with Vanessa and Mattious at dinner. (Puerto Rico).

Relaxing. Our balcony had hammok, bed and table. Loooved it!

Me eating mangos on our balcony.

View from our room.

Bri about to get hammered by wave. Its a surfing spot, so...

Feliz Navidad everyone!

Mancora is a small (and we mean small) surfing town in the upper northeast corner of the country. About 2 hours south of the Ecuador boarder. We're spending 3 days here. Last night, Christmas Eve, we arrived in Tumbes, met a great couple from Puerto Rico and shared a 2 hour cab ride to Mancora (ALL FOR THE BARGAIN PRICE OF $20). We arrived in Mancora around 11pm and still hadn't found a place to stay. Most everything was booked. A lady from Utah, actually, helped find a place at a friend of hers who had a bungalow "right on the beach". Great right? Wrong. Remind us to never trust anyone from Utah. Woke up mortified...with a scorching case of Guinea-flic-u-litis. (Caused by bed sheets that have NEVER been washed). Hammah-time! In layman's terms, we had a rash from head to toe. Still itching today actually. We took great pictures of it. We'll be posting those pictures at a later date. Can always laugh about it though. Needless to say, we changed venues the very next morning as soon as we could see how dirty the place actually was. When you see pictures, you'll see what we mean. That's what you get for $12 a night. Brian and Marisha - trying to save a buck! Needless to say, we ran out of that place. Christmas day was spent in a much Niiiiiicer place...clean sheets, private patio off the pool...lounging all day and buying crap off the beach from whoever strolled by, eating pineapples and drinking pisco sours (Peruvian margaritas). We hung out with the Puerto Rican couple a lot - ended up staying at the same place. They died laughing when they heard about our "rash".

Had a great time doing nothing at all. Most of the people that live here are hippie surfers from all over the world. Not a whole lot going on, but a nice break towards the end of our trip.

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