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I hoped I didn't have to pass another logging truck at this...

We stopped for lunch at a small park along Clear Lake.

This is a new way of traveling for us.

Sometimes the trees in the costal mountain range grow over the road...

Entrance to our campground at Westport.

Our campsite at Westport with the ocean in the background.

Jim and Sandy on the beach at Westport.

Jim enjoys skipping rocks in the surf.

Sandy would like our private beach if the temperature was warmer!

The perfect ending for a day at the beach.

Our campground at Westport offered direct access to the beach.


A trial separation!? After all we have gone through it boils down to being separated on our return trip home. It seemed strange to drive the motor home alone and seeing the Mustang in my rearview mirrors instead of in the backup camera. We left Lodi with the sun shinning and wind blowing. The trip up I-5 was nerve racking as the wind buffeted me with strong gusts from the side. Once we hit Williams and headed west on State Route 20 things calmed down until we crossed Hwy 101.

The road through the costal mountain range is narrow, windy, and steep. I thought it was a good thing the Mustang wasn't attached as we climbed and descended 10% grades until we hit Hwy 1 at Fort Bragg. Hwy 1 would be fun in the Mustang or on a motorcycle, but the road twisting and turning along the coast with sheer walls on one side and dramatic views (and drop offs) on the other, took away from the joy in seeing the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and coastline. We finally made it to the Westport Campground where we could walk from our rig right on to the beach. We left Lodi in sunshine and wind, ran into rain at the costal range, and returned to sunshine and wind at the campground. Walking the beach allowed us to stretch our legs and enjoy the surf. If only it warmed up another 20 degrees, but we'll take it over rain!

Tomorrow we plan on heading up the coast and letting our curiosity be our guide. The weather will play a big part in our destination, along with tourist attractions being opened. So you will have to stay tuned to see where we end up.

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