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Hi All

We left Phi Phi Island this morning and took a boat across to Koh Lanta where we all plan to treat our bodies to a well needed rest from Whisky buckets and the Reggae bar! We made our last night in Phi Phi one to remember with the added bonus of seeing my brother more drunk than ever witnessed before - hilarious! He actually fell out of bed THREE times!!

Our plan for the next few days is to take in the beaches of Koh Lanta, have the odd Thai massage and make the most of Aaron's last week in Thailand...sob.

Poor Jamie seems to be in more need of a massage than most. Earlier this week in Phi Phi the boys were playing rugby in the sea and unfortunately Jamie took a bit of a tumble following a tackle from the over eager J-Man (of the previously mentioned UV crew). We thought Jamie was on the mend until he put on his enormously heavy backpack this morning, which has resulted into a quick trip to hospital this afternoon. The doc has confirmed that there is nothing to worry about (Jan!) and given him some tablets for the pain. We're heading back for an x-ray in the morning just to make sure he hasn't fractured a rib but in the meantime it's lots of bed rest and no heavy lifting.

The rainy season seems to have brought with it a huge climb in temperature..it is absolutely baking out here... possibly the highest temperatures we've experienced since leaving home.

Suffice to say we are all seeking out the shade and drinking gallons of water... especially Aaron who's suffering with his hangover from last night!

Thanks for all your messages, we will reply to you individually throughout the week.

Lots of love, J & J xx

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