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Our campsite at Yosemite Pines RV Park.

The road twisted and turned back on itself. At a hard corner...

You can see how steep the road is leading up the side...

Downtown Groveland, California.

Tuesday morning brought cold temps and frost.


(To the tune of Rawhide) Keep that motor home moving.......windstorm! We moved from Acton, California by Santa Clarita to Groveland, California just outside Yosemite National Park. We experienced almost every type of road conditions a motor home driver would NOT want to encounter! We drove up the east side of the mountains encountering extreme winds that pushed and buffeted our rig all over the road. At one point I thought the wind would tip us over and we kept the speed under 50 MPH. When I sped up the gusts would move us half way across the next lane. Fortunately the traffic was light reducing the risk of collisions.

At Mojave we headed west across the mountains with the pedal to the metal. How fast can a motor home go uphill with a 40 MPH headwind? Not very fast! We saw hundreds of wind turbines indicating the volume of air passing through this valley. And now that Sandy and I were there, we added a little more passing through this area, too! Finally reaching Bakersfield we headed north.

I called the Yosemite Pines Campground to make reservations and received directions from Hwy 99 to the campsite via State Route 59. The road is very narrow and the last 7 miles snaked up the side of a mountain with hairpin curves and steep grades. The sign at the bottom said to "Turn Off Air Conditioners" giving a hint of the exertion on the motors. At one curve we met a semi-truck with only enough room for one rig. He was kind enough to stop and let us by allowing me to maintain our momentum.

We reached our campground and are excited about exploring Yosemite Park. We hope the weather will be as clear and warm as today, so stay tuned to see if things pan out.

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