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I joined Aaron and August as far as Christchurch where they were flying back to Australia for one more month of work before heading back to Jackson.

It was a bit of a cross roads for me, as I'd actually decided to buy another camera in the US and have it shipped to me here in NZ care of the McGregors. It was shipped on the 16th just before I'd started the Milford Track, and anticipating its arrival, I returned the "loaner" I'd bought before the 2 weeks was up. Why didn't I just keep the loaner? good question. I just missed what I could do with my old camera, and for the same $ I could get SO MUCH more camera even shipping it from the states.

So I beagan a round about route back to Wanaka, hoping it would arrive by the time I got back there.

I didn't take anby pictures in Christchurch, but I stumbled upon the City 2 Surf road race on Sunday morning, and joined in with the walkers. It was a great way to get a feel for the city (and some free lunch at the end!)

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