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Onto the Ferry in Wellington...

The Light at the entrance to the Cook Straight heading to the...

60 hours of air travel within a week...WOW! I left on the 6th of March and arrived back in NZ on the 8th. (Missed your Birthday on the 7th Annie...Sorry!)

Over the many hours of flighs and layovers, I was a bit unsure about resuming travel. Being home had brought up all those thoughts of the future and plans, and "what am I going to do with my life" type things.

But whe I cleared custome in Auckland, and walked to catch my connection to Wellington, all that melted away. I made my back to Julie and Mark's and then spent the afternoon in Wellington with Julie and her baby Luc before picking up Mark and a college friend of his from Seattle who was also travelling in NZ. Embarrassingly, I have forgotten her name, but let's call her "Hetta." We all had a great BBQ that night back at the Soboil's in Plimmerton, and then the next day, I caught the Ferry across trhe Cook Straight.

It was a beautiful ride on a beautiful day, but much to my dismay, my camera stopped functioning as I snapped my last shot leaving wellington harbor. After repeated efforts to revivie it, I decided to buy a "loaner" in Nelson until I figured out what I wanted to do.

Also in Nelson, I met up with Yeunman (pronounced Yun Ming) who had placed a posting online in the NZ Backpacker Forum looking to share travel costs. We met for a coffee, and happy that neither of us was an axe murderer, we set off together down the west coast.

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