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busy city shot

mel & em

bit blurred, soz (had 2 bottles of wine by this point)

emma looking like natasha from atomic kitten (dont you think?)

Melly getting into her music

thank god you can just see my yellow top or we would...

ah pretty girlies

this one is for frankers!

this ones at Melly

believe me we looked just like this when we got home at...

Ok, so a few people have said to us in the last few days that they love seeing the photos and we have to keep them coming. Are we really that bad at writing?, is it a polite way of you all saying 'stop going on about what you are doing, just show us pictures to stop us dying of boredom?' its ok, we are big girlies and we can take it. Come on aussies say it as it is and we are practically aussies now!

he he we havent done the whole english language vs foreign language thing for a while have we? ok so here are a few new australian words for you:

Mel's personal favourite is 'bucks' (she says it all the bloomin time) its like saying 'quid' as in "that bottle of wine is only 10 bucks" - you have to say it in aussie accent though so you say "that bottle of vodka is only 8 baaacks" come on everyone practice! i want you all to sit at your computer now and try and say it in your best surf dude accent..giggling at the image of all our family and friends talking to the computer.

other words we have now adopted are 'atm' for cashpoint (cashpoint sounds so foreign to me) bottle shop for 'off licence' ( they dont sell alcohol in supermarkets or corner shops) 'standard' (pronounced staaaaaaandard)which means 'of course', 'thongs'- flip flops, 'pants' -trousers 'crook'- feeling sick 'sook'- in a sulk and we have learned the hard way that 'going on the pull' does not mean what it does in england. I cant be graphic in what it means over here (my nan reads this) so i will talk in code when i say it means something that boys do a lot of when they reach puberty. Cant say anymore but lets just say we can now understand why we kept getting strange looks when we said 'us girls are going out on the pull together' mmmmmmmmmmm

So anyway, as you can see from the photos us girlies went out on the tiles on Saturday night. Since we have moved into our flat we havent really ventured out as its just too nice staying in lazing around on the sofa watching TV. However, on Saturday, we decided to put our glad rags on and head into the city. Except we didnt exactly head into the city....we went back up to Kings Cross. Thats where we used to live, backpacker mecca of Sydney but unfortunately it also seems to be a mecca for strip joints & brothels. Dont worry we stuck together and went to our favourite cheesy club. Its like a big celebrities!!! BRILLIANT! Didnt actually manage to get out until 11.30pm, too busy drinking wine and baileys on our balcony (yes thats wine and baileys, you can imagine how wasted we were before we even left)thats what all the photographic evidence is of. We got a bit trigger happy with the old camera, sorry. Then we continued drinking with vodka and cranberry when we got out. Had a fab night, dancing our booties off until 5am and the only reason we left then was because we were incapable of standing anymore!

Sunday was spent collapsed on the sofas - we got rudely awakened by some 'do good' choir singing hymns and national anthems on a loud speaker in the gardens opposite us at 11am, how rude 11am on a Sunday do they not know that people are asleep? But our moods improved drastically after a full on fry up courtesy of Pete who arrived to look after us 3 zombie impersonators. We finally left the flat at 8.30pm to go to the cinema to see 'the forgotten' - supposedly a 'intense thriller with julianne moore' it turned into the scariest, jumpiest film we had seen in ages and the 3 of us ran home clutching to each other in case anything got us! Scared mel half to death by climbing onto the balcony when we had all gone to bed and pressing myself up against her patio door - she was about to get into bed andturn the lights off and i really thought she was going to wet herself when she saw me. She screamed like a banshee, went white and waved her arms around like a lunatic. I am still giggling now when i picture her. She says she is going to get me back with a vengeance so i will keep you posted on that one.

so another weekend of fun and frolics down under. Emma has had 2 days at work now and is coping just fine after 3 months off. Mel starts tomorrow for 'Toshiba' as a credit officer. Will let you know how she gets on.

so thats it for another few days. love you all

Vik, Mel, Em x x x

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