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My room at the lodge Cumaceba

The sloth!

The mad jungle guy!

The anaconda

Boat trip on da amazon

A house on the Amazon shores

Drying clothes the amazonian way

Pablito, ma wee pal

The noisy culprits, wee green frogs!

Lagoon by night

Tarantula by night

Jungle views!

The chief of the Yagua clan

The boat we used in the jungle rivers

The tribal look!

With Pablito!

Football, amazon style!

A real cutie, livin on the amazon

Boat on the shore

Another wee cutie, one of the lodge guys sons

Piranha fishing

Amazonian river taxis

The cafe by Gustav Eiffel

Motorised rick shaw, in the darknessĀ°!

Well, what can I say, wow, it was amazing!

Arrived at 8pm at night, and the smell, the heat, the noise was different, it was jungle!

Waiting on the baggage, it sounded like the jungle tribes were warring outside the wooden hut airport!! Luckily, it was only (?!) a political demonsration. I was whipped away by my guide(Gaftov) to a car, then thru the jungle city of Iquitos, where it all looked different, wee motorised rick shaws being the main mode of transportation, the usual Plaza de Armas, with a building on the corner made by Gustav Eiffel, anybody know what else he designed?!?

Then we stopped at this pitch dark place with about 10000 steps leading into the darkness, the dark waters of the Amazonas possibly?!? Then it was a 45 minute ride on a noisy speedboat thru the darkness, to what I hoped was gonna be a jungle lodge resembling Paradise!

I didnt get Paradise, another long dark walk once the boat stopped somewhere indistinguisable... After about 5mins we arrived, there were kerosene lamps burning, it all looked very hoemely, welcomed in with a freshly made coconut drink. Fairly basic accomodation, rustic, is how I think the travel brochures would describe it! It was clean tho, no electricity, no hot water, but a lot of friendly people. Off i went to ned, tired after the long day, after the long busy week of parties. Sounded like the wildlife were havin a bit of a fiesta!!! Didnae really get all that much sleep, too much noise ootside! Nature eh!!

Following day started wit cold eggs and cold showers, before a walk in the secondary jungle, met the lodge monkey, how cute is he, Pablito! And the local parrots as well, exotic pets :)

We saw a few monkeys in the trees, lots of birds, insects. My guide asked me if I knew what a slut was, I was a bit taken aback, but yeah sure, I know what one is, then proceeded to explain what one was, laughing!, he said no no no, Eventually realised he meant sloth.... oso perezoso(lazy bear), they are in the trees round about the lodge, that was the only time he ventured into English with me, decided it was safer in castellano!

After lunch, we joined some peruvian and french tourists to go meet some locals who keep a mini anaconda zoo- well the anacondas themselves werent mini, the zoo was! Everyone else had it in turns, with this 6metre anaconda round their neck, I declined as it was minging, and I dont like the feel of them anyway!

They had a sloth there as well, funny looking things they are!

So we returned with time to spare before dinner so I chose to lie on the hammocks and read my book, I was joined by littel Pablito, who stinks, but wa really loving n cute, he would take my hands and place them where he wanted with his little hamds. His hands are identical to ours- littel knuckles, mails, with half moons on them, palms with lines, it is really amazing, his wee ears the exact same as well. I wa in heaven, this cute wee monkey snuggling into me, until,yup you guessed it, here comes ANOTHER toilet story. The monkey smell was a good bit stronger, put my hand down to see what he was up to(it was pitch dark by this time) and my fingers went into this pile of mush, yuk yuk yuk, my t-shirt was covered in stinky monkey stuff. Aaahhhhhh, a quick shower then it was dinner and then a nighttime visit to the laguna to see what makes all the noises that keep me awake at night. The cutest wee green frogs, of differing sizes make the different sounds that you hear, saw some alligator eyes watching us, but as we got close they dashed off, kinda glad as think ma guide was stretching out the boat to catch himĀ”!

Then a walk along the wooden walk way to see all the tarantulas that come out at night, they were big n spooky, tho i was assured they dont jump!!

Spent the night scratching my new mosquito bites, by now had quite a collection on my arms :(

Day 2 morning was spent going to visit the local Yagua indians in their settlement on the Amazonas. It was a bit contrived, as we were met by the big boss, wearing all his gear, then got invited into a big hut, where the music started, and we were dragged up to dance by the topless girls(in their traditional outfits), Andy youd have been in heaven!

The dance consisted of running round n round in circles, yill we all got dizzy then we were allowed to outside and get a shot of the blow dart gun!

Hey hey, I managed, a bit female pride was at stake and I did okay!!

Maria the peruvian girl did okay too, then it was time for shopping, or at least, try to avoid about 1000 women tying bracelets onto you, and trying to pick ones that are seme decent without arousing any supicion of looking at something or they would be all over ya!

Managed to swap a vest t shirt for a wee bracelet, which leaked colour when it rained. Spent S14 on a belt and a wee bracelet, it would cost half the price in Lima!!!

Left before they got my bandana and earrings from me!!

Back to camp for a wee lie in the hammock, was delighted to see Pablito racing towards me, he was forgiven for yesterdays frolics, tho I did keep checking to see he didnt do anything!!

He is the cutest wee thing, I luv him, tho he does need a good bath!!

In the afternoon I went to my first football game in South America, Peru, the Amazon! It was pretty cool, all the women were dressed up, music was playing and goal were firing in, Andy u would have luved it!!

Back for another quick cuddle with ma monkey then bed, had to kill 5 cockroaches creeping about my room, before I could remotely dream of closing my eyes. they are actually pretty hard to kill, even stamping on them they seem to be pretty resilient, Anyhoo, it took me long enough, but in the end, they were all dead, and I could go to sleep happy.

That was until my newly aquired mozzie bites kept me awake, I had been bitten thru the hammock, thru my trousers!!! It was agony, roll on the farmacia :(

Final day was a piranha fishing trip!

Fishing never been one of my hobbies, and the fishing trip proved why, never got a fish to come anywhere close to ma bits of bait- raw chicken! Meanwhile everyone else, well at least the guides were catching wee piranhas left right n centre, nasty wee things, everytime they caught one it would come spinning off and land flapping on the deck! Kept well out the road!!

Eventually managed to find some wee sardines to play with, they all ended up eating for free, but it was a good game teasing them and semi catching them and flipping them up in the air, before they managed to eat all the chicken!

Back, time for a last cuddle with Pablito then it was tearful farewells, it was so sad he knew I was goin and was clinging onto me :(

Managed to get onto the boat(10min walk away), the next thing he came bounding onto the boat and clung onto my leg, Andy, can I adopt him..... I was so sad, then the guys got him and flung him off, was in 2 minds to get off and stay wit him, but the mosquitos would kill me!!

Back to Iquitos, tried some jungle juice, food and drinks totally different here, and as my guide told me, its a huge pharmacy there, just a case of knowing whats what and its all free!

The Amazon adventure ended with an airport transfer in an open sided motorised rickity rick shaw airport transfer!!

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