Amber in Thailand, Feb/March 2007 travel blog

It is official. I am a beach bum! We left Khao Sok National Park and headed further south to Ao Nang in Krabi Province. Our Hotel was on the beach. I took the day off to figure some things out with my stolen visa and then spent the afternoon on the beach and swimming in the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean). The next day, I woke up early and took a Kayaking tour through the Mangrove forest. We kayaked into a tiny private beach and into a lagoon that was surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. We also were kayaking through the mangroves which grow in the sea water. We came upon some monkeys and they started crawling over the boats. At one point I had one perched beside me with it's tail wrapped around me. It was a very fun time. Other that one boat tipped and passengers fell in.....but the 82 y/o lady said to her granddaughter "did you get it on film?". Great sense of humour. That afternoon I just went in search of laundry. I probably walked around for over an hour, and no one could get it done before I left the next day. I realllllly needed my laundry done. I tried to hand wash it, but it was so humid that it didn't dry, so it just got smelly instead. All of my clothes wreaked! Finally as per murphy, the final place could do it. I sighed in relief, and went for lunch. Relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, and then in the evening went in search of a cocktail. We happened upon an alley of bars. Most had girly boys dancing like go go dancers. It was an interesting site. After I had a chocolate banana pancake and chilled on the beach before retiring for the night. The next day we rode a songtaew to Trang, where we boarded a boat to Koh Mook (Koh means island). We land on this beautiful white sand beach. We make our way to our bungalows which were in the middle of a rubber tree plantation, then head back to the beach. We find a shady spot on this beach, which wasn't very hard, as there were probably less than 25 other people on the beach. And we all proceed to pass out for a few hours. Go swimming and get attacked by crabs, watch the sunset, then go for dinner. After dinner we went to the beach bar for "happier" hour. While on this remote island, I look over and happen to see a girl I knew. We worked together at London Drugs. She was there with another girl from NV. Crazy. That night while in bed we had a visitor in our bungalow with us. It was most likely a rat, but in the morning food wrappers were all over. We learned a valuable lesson. No food wrappers! The next morning we board a boat to go to Koh Rok. On the way we go snorkelling. We get to Koh Rok and it is beautiful, but much more rugged than Mook. We are camping here. We take an exploration walk and end up on this beach where all the rocks appear to be moving. It was hermit crabs. Very cool. After we go snorkeling off the beach. I saw Nemo! And many other colourful creatures and fish. We don't last too long, because we kept getting tiny stings. At first I just ignore it, but after awhile it gets really annoying! Turns out it was sea lice! We then have another nap on the beach! Tough life, I know. That night we hang out and try not to think too much about the giant lizards that lurk by the toilet. They look like Komodo dragons! Very large. I don't go to the washroom until the morning. The next day, we board a boat and go snorkeling. We go to 3 spots. One of which is the best snorkeling in thailand. It really was. Like swimming in an aquarium, and hardly any sea lice! We return for lunch. As I am leaving the washroom, one of my travel mates, Phil is standing as still as can be. There is a giant lizard in his path. It starts to whip it's tail at us. 3 times. We retreat. Nasty. After lunch, 3 of us go fishing with the local thai guys. I caught 15 fish. Small frying fish. We also caught a barracuda, a large colourful fish that tastes like tuna, a king mackerel and a marlin. It was fun. I got really tanned that day. We spent the night again. The next day we head back to Koh Mook, but on the way we stop at the emerald cave. It is really wierd. You have to swim through this cave. It is pitch black, and there were like 100 people trying to go thru. A little claustrophobic. But once you are through, your reach a grotto. A beach surrounded 360 degrees by limestone cliffs. Unreal. We head back to Koh Mook for the night. Have happier hour and then the next day head to Trang for the night train to Bangkok. Now I am in Bangkok for my last few days of my Thai Adventure!

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