Nic and Fi 'around the block' 2007 travel blog

Well, here we are then. Tomorrow we head off to the other side of the world... about time!

The last few weeks have been a little "crazy" with organising, packing up and saying our goodbyes. Fortunately we have had Son and Doiv (Fi's sister and Bro-in law - seasoned travellers) to call when packing and feel that we have everything important that we need. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to those who celebrated with us at our going away party ... especially Lyndl for so nicely putting up with Fi's welcoming haze, I mean hug. It had a hint of mochitas (a very tasty cocktail) mixed with it. It was great having all our favourite people around us, although we both still felt that we didn't manage to "catch-up" with everyone!

We moved the following week - Kopty is our saviour! our stuff is stored with him this year, and hopefully not pawned yet (nervous grin).

Then the Willet family celebrated in true style - red wine, red wine and yep, red wine - with a very yummy seafood paella made by Bec. We were so grateful of Bec and Troy offering us their spare room for our last days in Melbourne. The week was topped off with Nic and his dad having their final cigarette at the airport - such good timing for Nic considering he then faced a week with the in-laws! So far, so good.

Our holiday is off to an amazing start - we spent the weekend being pampered by Fi's sister and partner (Kylie and Johnny) at their holiday shack on the NSW coast. Johnny played tour guide to us - took us out on his boat, baited fi's hook and then cast her line so that all she had to do was reel them in! Luxury. With so much food, fresh flathead, whiting, and calamari (freshly caught) with prawns and oxysters we were in heaven.

The last few days have been spent in country qld hanging out with Fi's parents, brother and his partner. It's been really fun and Nic has managed to not have a cigarette! Not too mention he's also learnt a little about farming.

We leave tomorrow early (3am) to catch our plane at 9am. We can't wait. Nervous giggles all around. Palpitations. Panic. Excitement.

Hopefully we make it on time.

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