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On the side of the road.

They repair facility.

Not like our mechanic's garage at home!

What the mechanic really wanted to be working on.

After our stop for gas, it was smooth sailing until we were between Tallahassee and Pensacola on I-10. The van bucked a couple of times, drove fine for a bit, then died. We called road service, and since we were in the middle of just about nowhere, Eddie started calling around to see if anyone in the area could work on the van. There was a GMC dealer, but they only had one mechanic and it was Friday afternoon. The towing operator said he could work on it, so we waited. When he finally showed up, he drove us to his brother's garage, which was even more in the middle of nowhere. The shop was not the type of place we are used to. A large lot with a corrugated metal garage, port-a-potty outhouse (and I needed to use it), cars and motorcycles everywhere, dogs chained in the yard. You get the picture. Oh yes, and we can't forget the tow truck, and old diesel that sounded like it might need a tow.

At the garage the van started right up, and after keeping it over night and all morning, they couldn't find anything wrong. On Saturday morning they ran it, started it, drove it, and let it run for three hours and it was fine! And the computer check continued to come back fine.

Meanwhile we spent the night in the Days Inn from purgatory (it wasn't bad enough to call it the Days Inn from hell). It was run by an Indian family, who were not into putting money back into the place. Let's just say I am glad I had Lysol wipes, our own pillows and towels! And then there was the door lock, which was very loose. I went and asked if we could change rooms, but the second room offered had a very bad smell, so we stayed with the bad lock. We discovered the lock problem while we still had the car, so Eddie got his tools and did his best to fix it. That and a chair pushed against the door kept us safe during the night. At least there weren't any critters! Dinner was Pizza Hut delivery, because there was nothing near, not even the ubiquitous fasts food chains.

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