Amber in Thailand, Feb/March 2007 travel blog

I have just had some amazing few days! I have been in a National Park which is a rainforest. We went to Surat Thani and then took a 40 minute long boat ride to the middle of nowhere. We landed at a place with raft houses. Which is literally a bungalow floating on a lake. The lake was made by a hydro dam. It is huge. We stayed here for 2 days. The food was amazing. They just kept feeding us until we stopped eating. The lake was lukewarm, like no other lake I have ever been in. Unbelievable. We went to a cave that had coral in it. It was really cool. I have never even been in a cave, never mind a coral one. We then did a night boat safari. We saw something called a barking deer. Looks more like a possum. After the gorgeous, relaxing days on the lake we arrived at my current location, which is still in Khao Sok. It is a rainforest bungalow. I went to sleep last night listening to frogs, cicadas, gibbons etc. Musical and loud. It rained (of course) and today we floated down the river on tubes and went to the monkey temple and fed monkeys. Soooo cute. Not as much to write about on this leg of the journey, as it is much more relaxed. I am also not near internet as much on this leg, as we are venturing to out of the way places, but I will try to keep it up. I am having a great time. However it turns out that my Visa was being used all over asia, and has been shut down, so that sucks. But they don't take visa in the rainforest anyways. Sorry about not sending out the updates, I thought they were automatic. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you all soon. But not too soon. this journey seems to be coming to an end rather quickly, as I have only under 2 weeks left. But then it will be off to Hawaii, and hopefully learning how to surf!

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