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Not a bad place to be stuck for the day.

The hotel

This is the life. Check out my trendy 5 pound bikini!

Splish splashing around. (Getting better with the timer on my camera!)

Sun set in Sri Lanka

And again.

Greetings from Sri Lanka,

I'm currently sat in the airport waitting for my connecting flight to Singapore. For some reason the cheapest way for us to travel is on different flights. SO I left Lucy in India and headed to the airport at 6am. The first leg of my trip to Singapore was a short 2hr flight to Sri Lanka.

I was sat next to an Indian man who I'm pretty sure had never been on a plane before. There was a certain amount of confusion as he found his seat next to me and stowed his luggage. He was sensible enough to read the instructions for the TV monitor but still couldn't quite work it and was generally looking around for ideas. Despite 8 weeks in India I still wasn't sure of how an Indian man would react to an English woman telling him what to do, so I kept quiet. When the poor man couldn't work out how to do up his seat belt I had to step in and he looked genuinely pleased. As we took off he had the look of a startled mear cat and I felt quite sorry for him. When the dinner tray came out I could see him watching what I was doing so I made my moves fairly obvious. But when he couldn't get into his pot of pickle (peel back the plastic lid) I decided that was beyond the call of duty and anyone that useless didn't deserve lime pickle!

When I booked the flights STA told me that there would be a 12hr stop over in Sri Lanka and that the airline would provide accomodation near the airport. Unfortunately when I got there Sri Lankan Airlines had no record of a booking for me. You can imagine my reaction - mild panic!

After considering my limited options I decided to take the cheapest hotel from the airport travel agents. For my 25 pounds I didn't have high expectations, the brochure was the kind that didn't actually show you the hotel. I was overjoyed when it turned out to be a beutiful beach resort with a snazy hotel room (don't worry Neil it still wasn't as good as yours!)

I sat on the beach in the 35 degree heat wearing jeans, T-shirt and trainers wondering why I didn't have the good sense to put a bikini in my carry on, when I had a 2nd stroke of good luck. One of the usually annoying beach vendors came past selling swimwear and with a bit of a sob story I bagged a bikini for a fiver!

The rest of the day was fantastically relaxing and the perfect antidote to 8 weeks roughing it in India.

Take care,


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