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Well our time in India is over and I have been thinking lots about the last eight weeks.

It's hard to sum up India in one word. I think 'crazy' is probably the one that comes to mind first. There seem to be so many different and contradicting things in this country.

You don't expect to see a man pulling a cart load of wood past a giant bill board advertising the latest Blackberry or modern glass office buildings towering over sprawling slums.

Indian people can come accross as very aggressive, impatient and rude when they are bundle each other to get to an enquirey desk or onto a bus that hasn't let anyone off yet. And at the same time they are all happily laughing, singing and chatting together and greeting everyone with open enthusiasm.

It also seems to manage to be beautiful and ugly at the same time with amazing monuments surounded by litter and filth. The people are the same; even the porest women dress beutifully with their saris, jewelry and flowers in their hair and the men are obsessed with their hair! They all carry a comb and check it in a mirror at every opportunity. But then they all hack and spit and openly urinate (and the rest for poorer people) in the street which is disgusting!

It's an amazing, confusing and frustrating country with no obvious system yet everything seems to fit and work. It's impossible to get bored here and after 8 weeks I'm ready for a holiday! I'd definately recommend a trip to India but you need to pack a bucket load of patience!



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