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The Lighthouse and shoals off Cape Reinga

Down the Coast from Cape Reinga

Heading out to the Point

The Challenges of Solo Travel

Much Better!

"The Sea was Angry that Day My Friends...Like an Old Man Sending...

People love to know how far they are from places...

The Ta Paki stream at the Northern exit of 90 Mile Beach

Windblown sand formations in the dunes...scale, about 3" tall!

Sandboarding in the Dunes

Headed out to the very northern tip of New Zealand and gazed out to sea pondering lifes mysteries. The whole drive was through beautiful rolling farmland that just ended abruptly at Cape Reinga with sweeping sandy bays and a rocky cape jutting out into the sea. Just off the lighthouse, you oculd see where the Pacific met the Tasman Sea above a sandy shoal. It was all quite inspiring.

On my way back, I drove doen to the mouth of the Ta Paki Stream. People actually drive the stram bed to access the northern reaches of 90 Mile Beach. And like most of the coast, it is buffered with huge sand dunes.

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