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Tane Mahuta...Lord of the Forest...Biggest Kauri Tree in New Zealand!

Sumit with the stats...Over 13m around and a trunk volume of 245...

7th largest...why bother?

More impressive than the first (I think)...Te Matunga Ngahere..."Father of the Forest"

JBR with the stats...a little shorter, but over 16 m around and...

Fun for the whole Family! "Wild West Days" local fair...Reminded me of...

I'd Wondered What HAppened to Her After Gilligan's Island!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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I Missed them doing "Ring of Fire," but this will have to...

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Just one Massive Tree

After my morning jaunt up Manganui Bluff, Sumit, Dave and I headed into Waipoua National Park to see some of the last remaining giant Kauri trees. And they were quite big. The first was Tane Mahuta or the "Lord of the Forests." According to Mauri legend, this tree is the earthly embodiment of the god of forests and trees. The

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