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Kartchner Caverns State Park

Tiny, really old town about 25 miles from the Cochise Stronghold.

Imagine being a soldier and trying to defeat Indians with guns hiding...

Very pretty area. The tough stronghold area is above in this Canyon.

Pretty country and pretty lady!

Fascinating story....this guy was a heck of a warrior!

We spent the morning on a guided tour of the Big Room at Kartchner Caverns. These are the newest caverns in terms of discovery and development. The Big Room was only opened in 2003. It is a thrilling, somewhat emotional experience to see this pristine underground cavern. We bought the CD that goes thru the history and development including interviews of the discoverers who are still around. The entrances are air locked with several metal doors kind of like the space ship Enterprise. No outside air is allowed to come in and the only air is thru the originally discovered 6" hole. As the air pressure outside changes, the cavern air moves in and out thru that hole. Reservations required and only 15 people per tour or about 800 per day.

After that great experience we took a rather long but interesting driving tour of the area including a stop at the Cochise Stronghold where he held off the US Army. Also an amazing place. It is in the Dragoon Mountains where he and his tribe lived and, when you see it, you realize there is no way ground troops could dig him and his fighters out. It might be done now with air power and helicopters but not in those days.

We walked a few paths where he lived. Something else!

We then drove down to the Mexican border and the town of Douglas then looped back up and had dinner at Bisbee and then back thru Tombstone and home. We left our home at 9:00 a.m. and completed the day back home at 8:00 p.m.

A really great day!

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