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Caught the bus from Buriram to Aranya Prathet on the Thai/Cambodia border which took the curious route of going west half way to Bangkok before returning on a parallel road to a point just 60km south of Buriram before turning off to Aranya Prathet). I checked in at the hotel I was meeting my parents at, and after a bit of trouble conveying that I was meeting someone there to the receptionist I found that they weren't in and I went to look around. Being a border town, there's not a whole lot there and it's a bit grim.

Back at the hotel I sat and waited for my parents to get back, eventually finding that they were taking an afternoon nap from which I rudely awoke them by knocking on the door! It was great to see them since it was over eight months since the last time (even if they were still sleepy), but was a bit strange seeing them in a different country though as I had pretty much assumed that I wouldn't see any of my family until I got back to Britain. All good stuuf!

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